AbbyShot accepts refunds 7 business days after the package was received by the customer. Refunds are free of charge! The only cost to you will be the shipping to and from. Please keep in mind the original shipping charge will not be refunded. If your order hasn't been shipped out, it can be canceled. If the order has reached the "Shipped" status, stopping that shipment may not be possible. This means the package will have to arrive in your hands before any exchange/refund can be made.


If you chose an incorrect size, and you want to exchange it for the correct one, you have a one week window to contact us, receive approval and get the coat on its way back to us. The substitution itself is free of charge; all you do is pay for the shipping, handling and any applicable customs & brokerage fees. This exchange applies only to the original purchaser of the product and is non-transferable.

To ensure a smooth and hassle free return, please follow the epistle below:

**Please be aware that the leather version of our Dante Coat and Enigma Coat are not available for size exchange. These coats are made per-order and cannot be returned for a refund or an exchange.**


Please email us to get confirmation before shipping your item back to AbbyShot. If your cat has been sleeping on your coat for the past six days (and believe us this has happened), or it has been through a monsoon (this hasn’t yet happened), or if it has been hung in the kitchen while cooking a yummy fish dish (this, too, has happened), then your coat may be rejected at the doors of AbbyShot. Please return it in its original condition, which includes not having the sleeves hemmed six inches shorter. (Yes, that happened too!) If you have been wearing your garment (beyond simply trying it on to assess the fit), then we apologize, we cannot accept this for return.


Please be certain to use a delivery method that will provide you with a tracking number and insurance on the package. If your coat never reaches us we can only be sympathetic. All shipping, handling and any applicable customs & brokerage fees are your responsibility. This includes fees for shipping the garment to our offices, and for AbbyShot to return a new garment to you. We know that we have uncanny folding skills due to years of experience, but please use your best origami techniques to fold your garment and place it back in the original packaging to avoid damage when being delivered back to us.

Customs Regulations

To satisfy the regulations of US Customs, you must include the exact phrase, "United States goods being returned" on the shipping documentation itself, as well as attaching the provided .pdf customs invoice to the outside of the shipment. Please also indicate the category of the goods as “Return" on customs forms (this is usually in a check box format). Please write in the country of origin of the goods as "United States." Should there be any customs or duty fees as a result of sending your package to us, we will charge them to you along with a nominal fee for processing this additional fee. Under most circumstances, properly labeling your package as a returned item as specified above should eliminate any customs duties!

Cancellation Policy

If your order has not been shipped out, it can be canceled free of charge. If you have received a tracking number, then your coat is on the zip line and we’re afraid it is too late to cancel.

Our leather Dante and Enigma coats are made per order. Once production has started on that order, it cannot be cancelled.