Bonnie Cook

Position: General Manager of the most amazing team of employees ever! Note: Her words! ;)

Interests: Spending time with her granddaughter and grandgoats (we call them her grandkids); sewing; gardening; walking; mentoring others; being with those who inspire her to be more!

Networking (and we don't mean for catching fish btw); keen eye for fabrics and fit; mapping out ideas; The difference between Bonnie’s dreaming and others is that she regularly makes hers come true….give her five minutes and she might make yours come true too!

About Bonnie: A master of dialects, Bonnie loves to tell a good yarn, keeping us all in 'stitches' (pardon the puns).

Where can she usually be found?: With her hands deep in dirt (insert organic soil) or soaking in her hot tub (watch via satellite)!

Julia Cook

Position: Lead Product Designer

Interests: Going to the "cabin" (“cottage” for areas outside of Newfoundland) on their beautiful property "around the bay" (insert: "near a large pond") or better still, traveling the world; nutrition and health; sewing, sewing and more sewing!

Skills: Designer extraordinaire; helping to keep everyone healthy and energized; lean organizer of everyone and events...all in the name of a Good Time!

About Julia: She loves spending time with her little carrot top daughter and her hubby; shopping for property; making healthy treats.

Where can she usually be found?: Julia is usually found stitching up an amazing outfit from scraps of fabric to be worn out that evening!

Brenda Hollohan

Position: Project Manager
Interests: Designing (playing with anything that has texture, colour and a story to tell); researching & learning; socializing; fine arts; collecting sticky notes & coloured markers.

Skills: Editing; brainstorming; sticking with puzzles of all kinds until they are solved; jumping out at people & yelling "BOO!"

About Her: Brenda revels in the creative process, positive energy and taking friends for drives in her '69 Buick Electra red convertible! She once won a Ronald McDonald watch for being employee of the month. ;)

Where can she be usually found?: You can find Brenda flitting from one account to another on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest....and the list goes on.....

Rita Maher

Position: Office Administrator Extraordinaire!

Interests: Reading; watching movies (she even plays computer games); walking; loves animals especially her kitty, Pepper.

Skills: Spreadsheets; enjoying tropical moments with her office doors closed; becoming 'The Human Blur' as she dashes about, multitasking; selling 'Clothing Cooler Than Real Life' to anyone who comes through the door!

About Rita: Rita is the glue that holds us all together. She guards our coin pot. Rita loves John Barrowman’s smile and singing, especially to old Neil Young songs.

Where can she be usually found?: Driving around the bay, wishing she had remembered to take the Canon 5D to take pics of the amazing sunsets!

Adam Martin

Position: Graphic Designer/Photographer

Skills: Adam is an art junky! Whether working on his computer or behind the camera, if it involves creating something original, he’s all over it! He’s also adept at doin' the dub-dub and dressin' like a monkey.

Interests: Transferring photo and video shoots to the big screen; fast cars; warm weather; camping and generally "getting up to no good!" (Insert "He's really a great guy!")

About Adam: His parents were going to call him Mike. He took it to heart and had a mic tattooed on his arm. He’s also behind one most week-ends while playing with his band or when he's "Potem Tole" (insert "a disc jockey")!

Where can he be usually found?: Hamming it up, whether before a live audience or simply for his girlfriend, Emily and their two cats, Janice and Frasier.

Grace Shears

Position: Risk Manager

Skills: Risk Assessment Extraordinaire! She has a nose on her like a hound dog to keep AbbyShot safe and sound. Dedicated to improving the overall well being and euphoria of all inhabitants of the 'Verse!

Interests: Spending time with her two children who are little AbbyShot creators in the making. Love anything about music; singing, playing guitar and listening intently! Forever working on self improvement and being the change!

About Grace: Grace is a huge paranormal fan and has been known to step into a haunted establishment from time to time to engage in a little ghost hunting :)

Where can she be usually found?:
Beach combing, camping, haunted houses, hiking, Transformational Training or exploring the amazing Avalon Peninsula!

Brent Thomas

Position: Social Media Ace

Skills: Sweet talking, crowd pleasing! Has the patience of a monk, and loves to help people. Definitely not camera shy, but has more of a face for radio (or so he thinks)

Interests: Brent is constantly "fixing" his shed, reading anything he can get his hands on, watching older sci-fi shows (Babylon 5 anyone?) , and hanging out with his delightful wife!

About Brent: Born in Ottawa, but came to Newfoundland because he loved it (and a certain local citizen). Loves all things geek, but the more sci-fi the better!

Where can he be usually found?:
Out in the country, roaming free!
Or in front of his TV. So many shows, so little time.

Lorraine Reynolds

Position: Shipper; Girl Friday (She helps out every day though)

Skills: Detail oriented, to the extreme. Process driven--she makes it work for her.

Interests: Gadgets galore. (If it makes life easier for anyone, Lorraine will get it, test it and share her resources with you.). Traveling--This gal has been to 8 countries on 3 continents. Surfing--The net and Facebook.

About Lorraine: A heart as big as all outdoors, this retired social worker will help anyone she can by making their lives easier. Lorraine is the first point of contact for our retail clients and embodies the exemplary customer service signature to the AbbyShot brand.

Where can she be usually found?:
Lorraine is most often found in shops, patrolling housewares and electronics, when not dipping in a hot tub or dining with friends.

Bryce Frost

Position: Designer, Product Development

Skills: My biggest skill is putting smiles on people’s faces (well, most of the time anyways!) creating, organizing, and havin’ a time!

Interests: I have too many interests! Just to name a few…hiking, backpacking, fishing, boating, ski-dooin’, snowshoeing, skiing, trail running with my “puppy dogs”, going to the cabin, health & fitness, travelling, decorating, crafting, quilting, interior designing, photography, typography, obsessing over Pinterest, spending time with family, being homesick (!) & watching movies/shows. I think I am a Jill of all trades!

About Bryce: I find it extremely hard to be serious for any length of time! I also have an obsession for fixer-uppers; looking for homes that need some TLC and turning it into a cozy character home.

Where can she be usually found?:
In the woods or enjoying a pint!


Position: Geek Engineer

Skills: Adept at getting into tight spaces, suspending himself from ceilings, extremely quiet.

Interests: Mystery/detective novels, science fiction, gaming, anime, "operative" role playing.

About Eon: Eon loves to solve puzzles and he finds a mystery in even the most mundane of tasks. It's never boring with Eon around!

Where can he be usually found?: Lurking about...behind doors, under desks, behind the blinds, hidden in the coats. Eon even tried to investigate the underside of the ceiling tiles one time, until he came crashing down!