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Do you need some new custom threads to up your nerd cred but just can’t wait until next paycheck? Not a problem! AbbyShot’s *NEW* Layaway service gives you some easy-peasy economical options. Now you can continue slaying demons or time jumping or whatever it is you do with your day-to-day, while feverishly waiting to get your gear after making your payments.

Before you click that button and dive right in, please take some time to view the following payment options and terms!

Each Layaway Plan order must be $150 USD or more.
Orders can consist of more than one product to reach the $150 USD minimum.
All payments must be made with a Credit Card.
(Unfortunately, PayPal is not an option. For the record, we also don’t deal in BitCoin, gold doubloons or arcade tokens)
Orders will not be shipped until the final payment has cleared.
Customers will be contacted for the shipping charge once all payments are completed.
All orders will be cancelled if more than 1 payment is late.



    You’ve had your eye on that Doctor Who coat for a while now and this plan makes the purchase much easier. With The Novice plan you pay a small service fee of $5, choose a down payment percentage and then decide on your own payment plan which can last up to 8 weeks. Who knew becoming a time lord was so easy?

    So you’ve been around the block and know a thing or two about payment plans? Well this one is for you. The Veteran plan starts with a higher order minimum but allows you to spread out the payment length to a maximum of 12 weeks. Your gear will be a perfectly worn, old friend by the time you pay it off. How awesome is that?

    You’re a nerd apparel master, a financially-savvy guru and definitely someone who knows what they want and when they want it! The Champion plan has you pay at least a quarter of the price up front and the remaining balance a week before the goods are available to ship. And no service fee! Anyone worth their salt knows that’s a bargain.


    Follow these 4 easy steps to get that awesome product you’re looking for!

    1. Shop around the AbbyShot store for the product(s) you've always wanted.
    Whether it’s the best coat in the ‘verse or some historic arm warmers, choose what items you want to add to your cart! Once you finish, click the button that says “Layaway Plans” to the right side of your cart. Click here for a screenshot.

    2. Sign up for or Login to your Partial.ly account.
    Signing up for Partial.ly is super easy, all we need is your name and password!

    3. Add your customer information & shipping address.
    Let us know a little more about you and where your order will be shipping. Click the button “Continue to terms” for the next step!

    4. Choose your Layaway Plan terms.
    *Depending on the total cost of your order, your term options may vary.
    *Please see “Payment Plans” at the top of this page*

    a. Start by choosing the terms for your Layaway Plan. First choose your down payment. Each Layaway Plan has a different minimum percentage, but you can choose if you’d like to pay more than required. It’s always nice to get a head start!

    b. Next you can choose the term length in weeks. Each Layaway Plan has different options, depending on the price of your order. You may choose to have a shorter term than the maximum amount of weeks AbbyShot offers. *Please see “Layaway Plans” at the top of this product*

    c. Finally, choose your payment frequency in weeks. How often you want to pay is up to you: once a week or bi-weekly. If you want to pay it off sooner, you can! At any point you can login to your Partial.ly account and make a payment.

    That’s all! Sit back and relax, friend. Your gear will be on its way shortly.

    If you have any specific questions please feel free to contact us at info@abbyshot.com, or by visiting the Contact Us page.