Why are some products unavailable in my country?

Due to licensing restrictions, some products are only available in specific countries. However, if you possess a Stargate, we consider this an interdimensional delivery, which supersedes the restrictions.

Will I receive duty charges on my order outside of Canada?

AbbyShot now has warehouses in Canada, the United States, and Europe (mostly because we're awesome). This means that any orders shipping to these locations will not receive duty charges. However, other areas could still charge them. Also, some products are only available in specific locations, so be sure to check the feature points on the product pages to be sure there will be no duty charges involved.

Are your products suitable for everyday wear?

Our products are at the height of quality and fashion! Whether you're masquerading at a con, showing your fandom at a party or fighting back an onslaught of Daleks, we have your back (literally).

Do you suggest any products for cleaning leather or vegan leather?

Oil from the scales of dragons works wonders. However, not everyone has this readily available. Lexol, despite its use in automobiles, is an excellent product for cleaning and conditioning leathers (suede excluded). We find it works on vegan leather as well, but a damp cloth usually does the trick.

I have a coat that I want, that you do not sell. Would you sell a custom one-off version?

After getting multiple request from Zygons and a few creatures we didn't think were real, including a Minofaun, we elected to discontinue custom jobs.

What is Vegan Leather, anyway?

Vegan Leather is the just the closest thing you can get to real leather without having to keep a watchful eye for cow pies.

After I make my purchase, when will my order be shipped?

We get 'em out fast. If it comes in early enough, then BOOM, same day! Otherwise, it goes out the next business day. Orders placed from a Commodore 64 are given extra priority. Ah, how we miss the days of Basic.

Can I send my product in for alterations?

For the cost of "More than you want to spend!" we'll make any alterations you want. Otherwise, we recommend asking your local tailor.

Is it okay to get nubuck or suede materials wet?

It's fine in light rain, but we'd advise spraying it down with a protectant before you wear it in a monsoon. If it gets really wet, grab a towel and dab it dry so it doesn't soak too much into the leather.

Do you sell your patterns?

That's like asking Colonel Sanders for his 11 herbs and spices. Since this is our livelihood, we're not releasing our secret recipes for awesomeness without a fight. And we're excellent at thumb-wrestling!

Do you sell replacement buttons?

We get it...you were flexing your massive pectorals (or equivalent if you're of the softer gender), and your coat button flew across the room and broke your Aunt Gretchen's vase. Now you need a new button and the luck of the gods to find a suitable replacement for Aunt Gretchen. Well, we can send you the button if we have it in stock, you just cover the shipping. Email info@abbyshot.com and let us know what you need. But you're on your own with the vase. We've seen Aunt Gretchen when she's angry...and we don't like it.

I live outside of the US and was charged more than my checkout price.

AbbyShot is a Canadian company, but we accept all orders in US dollars. If you select your currency, it will display the price as such. Then, at the end of the check-out process, your purchase will come to us in US Dollars. This sometimes causes your bank to charge an additional fee. This fee depends on which bank you're with, but in most cases it will be 2.95% of your complete purchase. Our only powers are creating magical artifacts and garments; sadly, there's nothing we can do about this

Do you sell replacement necklaces for the Kingdom Jacket and Kingdom Hoodies?

The team gave me this question to post, but provided no answer. So...I'll just talk about the weather for a second. Why can't we see more than a few days out for weather forecasts? You'd think we could better predict the weather these days. And what's with the warm winter I'm having here in North Carolina. Just isn't right to have all of this cold and no snow. Just sayin'.

Do you sell buckles for the Browncoat?

No. What, you expected a longer answer? Just for that, we're going to mess with your OCD. You'll know it when you see it,

Can I please fix that comma in the previous question?

Again, no,

You used to carry a product that I’d like to order. Will you begin production again just for me?

We will if you can discover the secret to efficient and effective cloning at a reasonable cost. Then your single voice could be the voice of thousands, and how could we possibly ignore that?

Do you exchange AbbyShot products bought from another company?

You'd need to go back to your seller for your exchange needs for simple size issues. But we stand behind our products' quality, so if it's something to do with the construction, we're happy to lend a helping hand or tentacle.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Red Orbs, and Platinum.

My button has come loose or has fallen off, why has this happened and what can I do to fix it?

We should have warned you not to let Abzorbaloff button your coat while he tries it on. He has something against AbbyShot for some reason and has been getting some of our customers in this way. An alternative reason is that while each of our products is to go through quality control before going out, it sounds like you've fallen victim to human error. Not to worry, dearest fan, for as long as the integrity of the button remains, you can have it sewn back on by your local tailor for just a few Federation or Galactic credits (depending on which side of the tracks you're on).

Does AbbyShot offer a Layaway type payment option?

Dearest fan, we need to let you down gently here. No! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

Does AbbyShot manufacture in-house?

Well, we did at one point. We had quite the crew of House-elves doing our bidding but many of them apparated and the last one, well, one of our crew gave him one of their socks and we haven't seen him since. They're quite hard to come by, you know? So, until further notice, our products are manufactured off-site.

I purchased a coat a while back, but never wore it. Can I return my purchase?

Not really, in this case. But, we do have plenty of instances where we're happy to make a return for you. Please refer to our Returns & Exchanges Policy for more info.

My suede is beginning to smell a little funny. Is there anything I can do about this?

Ah, lucky for you, dearest customer, there is indeed something you can do. Head over to eHow.com. They have a wonderful solution that's worked well for other customers.



Are these FAQ just not doing it for you? Send us your questions to info@abbyshot.com and we'll get back with you within one business day. Thanks for your support and for being a fan of our brand. As we say here in Newfoundland and Labrador, "We luvs ya!"