AbbyShot is a privately held Canadian corporation founded in July 2002. Our garment designs are styled after clothing worn in movies, anime series, TV shows and computer games.

We currently export to over 53 countries around the world and have a global reputation for making the best screen-accurate clothing — a reputation earned by near-obsessive attention to the details of garment accuracy, quality and durability. We pride ourselves on having excellent customer service and have received as much praise for that as our products.

What does "AbbyShot" mean?

During the late 1950’s, Abby Singer was an Assistant Director who began a trend destined to become a key term in the film industry. At the end of a long day of filming, Abby would tell the crew that they would film one last shot…“and then one more!” Abby got the last laugh here, since by doing this he was letting the crew know it was safe to begin packing up the equipment, thereby saving time and money. Gradually, film production companies around the world were using this “Abby Singer Shot” as part of their filming parlance – often times without even realizing that it originally referenced a real person!

To us, the story of “Abby’s Shot” captures the themes of cleverness and forward thinking that we believe in. We also feel that by offering movie-inspired clothing to the public, that we’re giving them “one more shot” to experience something special from their favorite movies.

Where are you?

Image provided by Chad Sharpe.

AbbyShot is located in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, the most easterly point of Canada and one of the most remote and beautiful parts of North America! Newfoundland is an island in the Atlantic Ocean and the first place settled by Europeans when the Vikings created a settlement hundreds of years before Columbus was born. It’s an area where traditional craftsmanship thrives; where for centuries craftspeople built wooden ships that sailed the world’s oceans and created hand-made clothing that defied even the fury of a winter’s gale!

What would it be like to visit?

As Newfoundlanders we love welcoming visitors to our island, not to mention showing you around our HQ! We love showing off! If you like to hike you will be blown away as you walk the East Coast Trails alongside the shores of our beautiful island, watch whales breaching, breathe in the fresh salt air and meet storytellers. St. John’s is where you would arrive by flight, and is North America’s oldest city. You will sample the flavors of many traditional foods here like cod tongues, caplin and endless other delicacies from the sea served with home grown veggies. Warning: Will make lifelong friends & may have to pay for extra baggage on your return flight. ;)

Related organizations

CME: We are members of the Newfoundland division of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. They have provided us with immeasurable knowledge especially in the area of Lean Manufacturing. In February 2010, AbbyShot was awarded the title of Canadian SME Innovator of the Year at the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Innovation Awards (see award video above!).

ACOA: The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency has been a constant source of learning and support throughout our entire business lifespan. A video about the relationship between ACOA and AbbyShot can be found on our media page, under videos.

IBRD: We work closely with Innovation, Business and Rural Development, a department of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador that helps local businesses diversify and market globally. In 2007, they awarded AbbyShot with an "Award of Excellence for Outstanding Exporter".

NLOWE: The Newfoundland & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs is an organization dedicated to supporting and developing businesses. They've given us amazing guidance over the years and awarded us a regional award in 2004 and a visionary award in 2014.