End of an Era!

Well, my friends, its Curtains for AbbyShot! It's been 21 amazing, challenging yet rewarding, tough yet incredible, unbelievable years of providing replica products to you, our awesome customers
all over the world! I've worked with some of the most brave and brilliant people, many who have become close lifelong friends.

 To our customers over the past 20+ years, I personally thank you. You’ve brought so much joy to the AbbyShot team. Your happiness always turned into our happiness, our pride. We've all grown so much along this excursion!

When was the last time you wrote a company you bought a product from and thanked them personally, talking about the quality? We are STILL receiving thank you notes from people who've bought from us recently and several years back!

By the end of September we will be drawing our curtains closed.

If you would like a last chance for a piece of AbbyShot memorabilia I invite you to browse through our site and see what you might like to have as a keepsake.  Many things are at discounted prices.

Everything we ever made was designed and presented to you with love, from a necktie to one of our coats or jackets which have been our greatest pride! As a replica clothing company we have always paid extreme attention to detail just for you. We’ve always wanted to help you to feel like the character you so admire!

I have a head full of fun memories and stories from AbbyShot's timeline of existence. It's very likely I will begin scribbling a few notes and your name might show up (with your permission of course).  I’ve been told so many times we have a journey worth sharing.

My family and good friends have worked by my side, supported me, shared a few tears with me in celebration and challenges.  While I am forever grateful for them, it's time now to spend time with my seven grandchildren, my family, my pooches and felines and special people in my life. Even my garden is calling me!

 Please wave to us on Facebook or Instagram or reach out if you have been part of our journey. We would LOVE to hear from you! Post a pic of you in your coat or tartan shawl!

 Share our post please so we can bring everyone together one
last time online!

 Love Bonnie, whose going to miss you and so much of
what I do.

AbbyShot’s Humble Journey

Every business idea begins somewhere, AbbyShot’s was in July 2002. With a passion to sew, 20+ years of pattern making and sewing of custom performance clothing, my daughter and I stepped up to the challenge to make a coat inspired by the one in the movie, The Matrix. We were well known seamstresses, for our attention to detail and fit, and our love to create new clothing.

We had been approached online by someone who had heard about us. They wanted us to make this coat and while it was different from other work my daughter and I had done, we quickly decided to accept the challenge. Rolls of pattern paper, scissors & pencils in hand, we began creating what turned out to be the beginning garment of over 20 years of creating inspired by and replica clothing online!

AbbyShot quickly grew to a much larger operation than a home-based business.

I recall one morning in the first year of AbbyShot’s presence online back in 2002. I was standing, looking out my bedroom window and I said to myself “Bonnie, this is all becoming real now. Do you want to step back or go forward? I think it took a minute to straighten my shoulders and put my foot forward.

Has it been a challenging journey? Darn right, however, I would not change one single day of it. Life is always about being on a journey…a learning journey.

 My family have learned about business and my staff have seen their inner talents rise and shine. Friendships have grown out of knowing so many wonderful people, and last but not least, I don’t think I have worked a day in my life because I LOVE helping people shine and dressing them in something that just brings out their inner light and love!

The team at AbbyShot are dreamers, it’s part of our daily agenda and part of our future. Come along with us on our journey. You never know what our next step will be! 
  • Our People

    Our journey has been supported along the way by wonderfully dedicated employees, business partners, and customers from all over the world, who we are now proud to call friends! Twenty years later, we can proudly say we have shipped to well over 50 countries around the globe! 
  • Licensing

    We have held licensing agreements with ABC Productions, BBCWW, BBC America, CapCom, Secret Stash, NBC and Twentieth Century Fox.
  • Sony Pictures

    Presently we are and have been a licensee with Sony Pictures since 2014 when they approached us saying they recognized we were leaders in replica clothing. What an honour that was!

More About AbbyShot!


AbbyShot has had opportunity to work with some amazing fabric mills and garment manufacturers. The best suppliers for a particular fabric or leather tend to be those located where the goods have a long history and are part of their countries culture. Many of these producers are small owner-managed businesses, and most of them we have worked with for many years. They are all focused on the low volume, high quality end of the clothing market and hence they have small factories with a highly skilled workforce. We have developed great relationships and by working closely with our manufacturers together we develop unique and beautiful textiles, clothing, and accessories. Many of our product pages have listed where the item is made, and all care and content labels will feature that info as well.


AbbyShot is dedicated to implementing a culture of sustainability with a responsible attitude towards the people and environment that make up our world. We strive to use sustainable materials and manufacturing processes to develop products that have a lower impact on our Mother Earth and look after the people who help us achieve all of this. We have already begun our journey, crafting select products with the use of natural fabrics, metal-free tanning processes, and reducing our carbon footprint as we go! At AbbyShot we ensure all our business activities are conducted ethically and with integrity. We have a strong zero-tolerance policy on modern slavery and human trafficking. Our contractual obligations to Sony Pictures Television assure we strictly follow policy regarding upholding all governing laws and acts. Our offices and fulfillment centers are committed to fair employment practices and labor regulations. We are involved at every step of the process from raw material sourcing to shipping our goods so that we know we are making responsible choices in our product offerings.
  • Most accurate fan apparel

    We time travel to the actual film sets and thoroughly examine the costumes so we can give you the closest to the real thing!

  • More than just a costume

    Your favorite fandom replica & inspired by costumes are built a step above so that you can wear them everyday (not just at cons or special events).

  • Quality guaranteed

    Take 30 days to adore your purchase decision. Experiencing buyers remorse? We’ll give you a refund or replace your purchase with something awesome!