An Umbrella in the Highlands of Scotland

As the weather turns colder and becomes “dreich”, and our thoughts turn to the much anticipated end of Droughtlander in November, we may see some rain showers headed our way.

How nice it would be to have a beautiful umbrella, or “brolly” to shelter you, much like Jamie’s love continues to shelter Claire from the storms that surround them. An item that is distinctive, as well as beautiful, that will prevent you from becoming “drookit”, or completely drenched, when the weather is mimicking a “smirr” in the Scottish Highlands.

Although umbrellas were not commonly used in the Highlands of Scotland until years after Culloden, both Jamie and Claire would have enjoyed the ease of having a lightweight, travel-size umbrella to hold over their heads and keep dry. In their time, their woolen tartan garments would have been used for their warmth and water repellent qualities to protect them from the elements. However, those garments would have become heavy and sodden from the rain, making movement and travel much more difficult and uncomfortable to accomplish in a timely manner.

An interesting, anecdotal, Scottish “umbrella”, which came to be known as the Highlandman’s, or “Heilanman’s” Umbrella, is a railway bridge in Glasgow at Glasgow Central Station. It was a place where displaced Highlanders who came to Glasgow during the second Highland clearances in the 19th century would meet up to share news and information, as well as to seek shelter in inclement weather. The bridge continues to be used as a meeting place today.

Whether shopping in the town, or ambling in the countryside, while carrying your new Officially Licensed Outlander tartan umbrella, there’ll be no doubt on the part of all who are familiar that you are a proud member of Clan Outlander!

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The Highlandman's Umbrella

Heilanman's Umbrella

Written by: Pamela


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