Jamie's Ghost


In Outlander, season 1, episode 1 “Sassenach”, we see an apparition of a Highlander who is looking intently at Claire through the window of Mrs. Baird’s Bed & Breakfast in Inverness while she is brushing her hair.

Frank comes upon the scene and notices the Highlander watching Claire. As Frank approaches the Highlander to ask if he can help him with something, the Highlander brushes past him and vanishes into thin air. We later surmise that this was an apparition of Jamie who was staring at Claire, but how, or why, did he come to be there?

The Outlander fandom has been hypothesizing quite a bit about how Jamie might come to be at that particular time and place and if, indeed, he is a ghost. Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series, has stated that Jamie cannot time travel, and has repeatedly said that all will be revealed in the very last book of the series.

I decided to reach out to a couple with whom I am acquainted, who have been investigating the paranormal together since 1997. They also happen to be, in their words “MEGA” fans of Outlander, The Series. Neither of them have read the books. They’ve ran three successful paranormal research groups in the US (one in Delaware and two in Alabama) and are now starting their fourth - Haunted Investigations: New Jersey. I wanted to see what they might think is the explanation for Jamie’s presence there observing Claire at that particular time and place.

I asked Tom and Jen if they would answer a few questions for me about Jamie’s ghost, and they graciously agreed:

I very much appreciate Tom and Jen’s perspectives on Jamie’s ghost. It is wonderful to think that Jamie and Claire have a bond that even death cannot break. While I’m sure we are all curious to see how Diana explains Jamie’s presence in that moment, and whether or not he is actually a ghost, we are in absolutely no hurry to come to the end of Jamie and Claire’s epic love story.

This is just one example of how Outlander keeps us guessing and entertained. Eventually, all these questions will be answered. Hopefully, we will be enjoying the continued adventures of Jamie and Claire for many years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about Tom & Jen:
Haunted Investigations: New Jersey website: www.hi-nj.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HauntedNew
Facebook: https://facebook.com/HINJhauntedhelp

Written by: Pamela

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