Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser - In Her Shawl

Would I go? Would I intentionally step through the stones? And if I did, among other major considerations, what would I wear?

Admittedly, Claire Randall’s first time-traveling portal jump back to the 18th Century was a total accident so she had no time for introspection or suitcase packing. Having fallen through time wearing a knee length dress and brogues, Claire was spectacularly under-dressed and under-prepared for everything about the strange world she found herself in.

Claire’s second portal jump however was by design – eyes open, heart willing, and for this trip there was time to think ahead and look to her wardrobe, although instead of a suitcase she’s reliant on deep pockets in her voluminous skirts. But much like anyone that’s packed for a trip, I bet she agonized over what to take and what to leave behind – it’s the same the world over really, whether it’s a wee city break, a jolly beach holiday, or a trip back in time to the Scottish Highlands circa 1743, there’s always that last minute packing scramble.

I crave parts of Claire’s wardrobe – it looks so durable, comfortable and functional – but I may not be able to get away with much of it on the morning commute or in the office. Layering is great – especially as the cool autumn days approach – but being mindful of Claire’s first experience of being dressed like an 18th century women when she was brought to Castle Leoch in Season 1 of “Outlander”. I’m conscious I’d be running late for work every day if I did try dressing like her – the layering was endless! I do yearn though to try a long swishing traveling cape or perhaps some homespun woolen stockings secured by ribbons – could I factor that into my daily ensemble I wonder?

There’s much to admire about the sparky and determined Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser (and the actress that beautifully plays her, Caitriona Balfe). She could have fallen at the first hurdle after plummeting through time – she could have suffered a nervous breakdown, easily got mortally injured, or could have instantly been subject to some barbaric treatment by mystified Highland physicians. But she didn’t – she fought through all the trials thrown her way with guile, intelligence and ingenuity. She’s someone to root for – she’s fearless, funny, and has great taste in men.

She strikes me as the kind of woman who would be great fun on a night out.
Claire’s the constant beating heart of Outlander and I can’t wait to see what she does (or wears) next.



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