Claire's Riding Jacket is Back!

It’s better and it’s BEAUTIFUL!

We’ve been hearing from so many Sassenach’s wondering when Claire’s Jacket will be ready to buy.  Well, brown haired lasses, the day has almost arrived! A great deal of time has been spent tweaking seam allowances, sorting through dozens of fabric swatches, selecting a quality complimentary lining plus holding and admiring the luxurious bits of faux furs! We can almost compare it to tasting rich, velvety chocolate!!

It's all in the details! 

 Original Coat worn by Claire
Selecting the Fabrics and Buttons!



Original Buttons on Claire's Jacket Screen Accurate Replica Buttons


Eco-Friendly Faux Fur to match Claire's luxurious look

Outside shell made in Harris Tweed

So, why is Harris Tweed? Here are 10 reasons to love Harris Tweed

While we’ve loved the process, we are ready to let these beauties go out into the world!

So take out that measuring tape and check your dimensions against the chart to see what size will fit you best! We are experts in fitting so feel free to send any questions you may have about sizing prior to placing your order!

Final Product!






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