A Closer Look: Claire Fraser's Riding Coat

From one group of Sassenachs to another, I think we can all agree that Claire Fraser has stolen the hearts of many. She has quickly become the envy of every Outlander fan and is the epitome of the kind of woman we all strive to be. She helps put the capital S in Sassenach, don’t you think?


What better way to honour her character than to bring to life these iconic pieces worn by her throughout the series? We mentioned previously in other blogs that our designers, Leanne and Julia traveled to Cumbernauld, Scotland. They visited the production and screening facility of our beloved Outlander TV series. While there, the girls briefly met with the costume designers and were given access to many of the pieces worn by Claire and Jamie. Here are just two of the amazing masterpieces created by Terry Dresbach and her team.

Our photographer, Adam, connected with Equine Meadows and coordinated a time for our shoot at their stable. We felt that he picked the perfect location to build a true connection with  the Outlander fans.

Scotland and Newfoundland are very similar in both the terrain and climate patterns and we didn’t have to travel far to take our photo shoot into the forest. Scotland happens to be on the top of my bucket list so I have yet to experience the weather there personally. I do understand that Scotland is known to be the windiest country in Europe! Not to disappoint you, Newfoundland's strong winds have also been known to wreak havoc up to 180 kilometers per hour! The forest proved to be the perfect escape from the cold and heavy winds we were experiencing that day. We chuckled with the model when she said that she was SO happy it wasn't a swimsuit photo shoot! 

My Mom and I have recently started watching Season One, AGAIN. Funny the things you notice the second and third time around! There are so many scenes that we see Claire wearing her riding coat! The one that resonates in my mind the most is the scene from By the Pricking of Our Thumbs when Geillis warns Claire to leave the changeling baby be. Of course, Claire does not pay mind and follows the sounds of the crying infant deeper into the forest. 


The superstition goes that when a fairy steals a human child, it leaves a fairy child in its place. There are many theories to why the fairies would steal a human child in the first place including ailing, unattractive or weak to name few. The Scots believed that if that changeling child is left out overnight, the fairies will return the human child unharmed. Otherwise, the human child will live the remainder of their lives with the fairies. You can almost taste Claire’s pain and frustration as she tries to come to grips with this superstition until she is finally led away by Jamie, begrudgingly accepting her defeat.

Site Location: Equine Meadows, Newfoundland

Equine Meadows were so helpful in saddling Duke up for us. He was a true gentleman during the entire shoot and allowed our model to work with him very closely! 

This wasn't Courtney's first time around horses so she felt quite at home with her new friend.


And don't forget our feline friend! Such a purrrfect companion!  As Adam works his magic, I too love to snap off a few shots from behind the scenes. 


Well, that's a wrap for today! Where will we venture for our next photo shoot I wonder?


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Claire Fraser's Riding Coat Is a Dream Coat!

I purchased the coat in XL and hoped that wearing it would not make me look large. When it arrived, I was struck by its quality and beauty. I slipped it on and was pleasantly surprised that the coat fitted my frame perfectly and moved easily as I moved! While it will be warm and cozy on a brisk, cold, raw day, it is not heavy! The color is gorgeous, and the coat is elegant! The faux fur trim on the hood frames my hair and face: I feel beautiful in the coat! Thank you AbbyShot for creating this beautiful replica!

– Donna


Gorgeous coat, brilliant attention to detail! Can't wait to wear it when we visit the Highlands this October!

– Natalie


Meet our lovely model Courtney Langille!

When characterizing Claire's personality the word powerhouse immediately comes to mind. That is why it was a no-brainer when we chose Courtney to model our  Claire Fraser's Riding Coat. Speaking of powerhouses! This girl rocks!

She works full time for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of NL. She also works closely with her partner in life, Jon Chafe, managing their local business, East Coast Conditioning, and Cirque’letics. Health and wellness are very important to her personally and professionally, and she considers herself super lucky to have these two areas of her life compliment each other so well. She's a bit of a ‘movement junkie’, pursuing everything from yoga, to partner acrobatics, circus arts, running, swimming, strength training, and conditioning. All of their programs are based on 3 pillars: Movement, Mindset, and Recovery. Unlike most similar private facilities, ECC is Personal Training and group class based, also offering private workshops, corporate wellness options, and even birthday parties. 

Thank you all for taking the time to read our story!

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Grace Shears


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