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A Sense of Belonging

Our sense of belonging, to place, to time, to our clan or social group, to our country, our religion, or our culture is intensely personal but can often be deeply influenced by the relationships we form with others. Like every other creature on this wonderful planet we feel the need to connect, but beyond the purely biological imperative, we need attachments โ€“ our sense of belonging โ€“ to better understand ourselves, our history, and our place in the world. The ties that bind us to each other are invisible and powerful. They weave together to form the fabric of our...

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Caribbean Cruising: Artemis vs Cruise Ship

Ah, a Caribbean cruise. Just thinking about it makes me feel all relaxed and happy. Days spent lounging by the pool or relaxing on your private balcony, tropical drink in hand. Evenings spent at the onboard shows, or in the various lounges and clubs. Wandering to the casino to spend a little time (and money), hoping for lady luck to grace you with her presence. Imagine taking that very same voyage over 200 years ago. It might give you some different feelings; huh?

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Hooked On a Feeling

A connection to Outlander is a sensual experience. For me, at first, it was the tactile pleasure of holding the books in my hands, Diana Gabaldonโ€™s evocative words transporting me to a place I can almost see, smell, and feel. More recently, itโ€™s been watching the wonderful TV series which has delighted my eyes and ears with my imaginings made real. I am hooked by the heart and all five senses.

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