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Your (Made in Britain) Twelfth Doctor’s Black Velvet Frock Coat

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Your (Made in Britain) Twelfth Doctor’s Black Velvet Frock Coat

This masterpiece sports different design details compared to the popular Crombie style. One feature we were fanatic about was the secret pocket. I’m pretty sure my face looked like the 😁 Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes emoji! I looked at Bonnie and said, “Wait until the Whovians see this, they’re going to love it”! Did you know about this mysterious pocket? Do you know what color it is and why it’s even there to begin with? Keep reading to find out more!



Have you ever strolled down Savile Row in London, England, admiring the most talented tailors crafting bespoke, luxury gentleman attire? Whoever has a fashion fetish, there’s just nothing quite like it! Gazing through the windows and noticing the sturdy brown paper made patterns hanging on metal hooks, basted stitches from a fitting on garments made of the finest wool, twill or cashmere, it truly is a sight to see!

It has always been a life long dream of ours to have the highest of quality replica coats hand crafted in Britain. Bonnie looked up to the AbbyShot team one day and said, “It’s time. It’s time we go to Britain for the next Doctor Who Coat”. We took Queen B’s advice and chose Private White, our new trusted manufacturer located in Manchester.




Bonnie & I visited this beautiful city last March to take a look at the heart of this heritage brand, behind the scenes. It’s hard to put into words how special the experience was for us, but I can tell you that it made us feel very warm and fuzzy inside! Remember the first time you met the Doctor?

Take a look below at some shots we took during our visit. 



Once the taxi dropped us off on Cottenham Road, we were met with an historic stone building housing a rich red door. After ringing the buzzer, we were invited inside their magnificently merchandised showroom. We wanted to stop, browse and touch everything we were walking past but we had to keep our professional masks on and follow the gentleman to the waiting area for our first appointment with the owner, Mike. We knew we would have more time to check things out on the way out!

Like any fashion house, people were hustling around us to attend meetings, fulfill deadlines and walk their company dog, Brutus! We were scheduled to spend a good part of the day at Private White, so we set up shop right across from Brutus, the sweetest view there!



Next to Brutus and his bed, there was a full-size mirror where Mike would come out trying on his masterpieces for their next seasonal collection. The vibe in this place was electric! Once Mike finished, he personally took us through his factory showing us how concepts develop into creations and sharing his rich family history. I have a soft spot for history & design and I didn’t want this tour to end! The original wood & cable lift was still being put in use to send piecework to different floors. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take a ride in this magnificent human powered structure as it’s not safe for humans to travel!

Take the tour of this impressive factory for yourself and let us know what you think about it!



How else do you think we knew about the secret pocket? Sneaky! This little secret pocket we speak of is topstitched on the center back lining and is black in color. It was strategically placed to hold a neodymium magnet for Series 10, Episode 2: Smile! This is how the emoji badge was secured on the outside of the coat! Brilliant! Hmmm…maybe you can help me put a name on this pocket instead of just calling it the secret pocket! Post any name ideas below 😊.



The Collar is always one of the most challenging parts when sampling the Doctor Who coats. For this design, our Brilliant manufacturer, brought along tissue paper and traced the collar from the original coat! Now, that’s screen accurate!

When you receive your black velvet frock coat, trust me when I say, YOU WILL NOT STOP PETTING IT LIKE YOUR DOGGIE OR CAT! It’s probably the softest thing I’ve ever touched (although my dogs ears are pretty darn soft)!



The luxurious Italian velvet was carefully chosen to be as soft as the original coat, so be forewarned, you may get caught hugging yourself quite often! Ha! I’ve already gotten a few warnings to stop petting the coat sample. It’s like taking a blanket from a baby! Waaaaaah!

The lining is also Italian and has a polished finish, just like the original coat. We sent the original fabric to Private White so that they could match the color as close as possible. The color and quality are gorgeous!

Like the original coat, the buttonholes are distinctively elongated. They really stand out in a soft way and we think it’s a smart but simple design detail. Replicating the button has been more challenging than expected but we strive for excellence! See how snazzy our buttons look below compared to the original?



The Inside Chest Pockets are constructed the same size as the Doctor’s frock coat. There are two double welt pockets to hold your Doctor Who accessories. You’ll notice that there’s no outside pockets, so these two will definitely come in handy.



The back vent starts at the waist and drapes down to the above knee length hem. The vent part of the lining is sewn close to the vent edge on both sides.



Say hello to Stephen Bell (a round of applause)! It was truly a pleasure to work with this tall (6’3”) melodic fellow. We met up with him in Toronto to do our photo shoot for the Twelfth Doctor’s Black Velvet Frock Coat. Learn more about Stephen below.

AbbyShot: Tell us a little about yourself.

Stephen: I am a Canadian/Estonian west coast boy from Maple Ridge British Columbia and have been living in Toronto for the past 11 years. I graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BMus and MMus in Music (Opera Performance) and after solo singing with some of the opera companies out west, I moved to Toronto in 2007 and joined the Canadian Opera Company, where I have been singing full time with the chorus and understudies/small roles etc. Asides from opera, I run a web/app design studio, Coffeeshop Creative.

I am a proud hubby of another of your wonderful models, Angela Bell, and a dad to a mighty 5.5 lb Maltese puppy. Love the Toronto Blue Jays (major league baseball team) and a fanboy of Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and Star Wars. Hobbies, I have a few. I am a PS4 gamer and love to fly my drone while hiking, or when the weather is good!

AbbyShot: You and the Doctor have music in common. What song would you like to sing with him? When and where?

Stephen: Oh, the choices! I would have to say it would be fun to get the Doctor to take me back to the 60’s and sing along with Sinatra and The Rat Pack at the Sands in Las Vegas.

AbbyShot: Do you get to dress up for any of your shows? If so, what is your favorite costume?

Stephen: Many, many times!



AbbyShot: What did you like best about The Twelfth Doctor’s Black Velvet Frock Coat when modelling it?

Stephen: The Coat is fantastic and a must for any Whovian! It’s fitted, extremely comfortable, light and moves easily.

AbbyShot: Who is your hero?

Stephen: My hero would be Aragorn from Tolkien’s LOTR. Ahem! Time to create a LOTR cosplay outfit… ahem…!

AbbyShot: Need a glass of water there Stephen? Ha! Not exactly sure what point your trying to get across to us! Thanks for taking time to answer some questions.


Be ‘one of the luckiest creatures in all of time and space’ wearing your nothing but the best (Made in Britain) Twelfth Doctor’s Black Velvet Frock Coat! Exactly, how many different ways did the Doctor wear his black velvet frock coat? Good question!

Series 10, Ep.1: The Pilot

The frock coat was first introduced to Whovians in the start of Series 10, where the Doctor and Nardole are in disguise as a university professor and an assistant. When the Doctor was investigating the puddle, I was so glad the fluid didn’t get on his coat! Imagine what it would’ve done to the velvet? Disaster!

The Doctor can certainly get away with wearing long sleeve tees and hoodies under his single breasted Victorian style frock coat. Holey sweater or waistcoat? No decisions to be made here because you can choose either one! So many options, three actually!



Series 10, Ep.2: Smile

Probably best you keep smiling when in the presence of the Vardies and sentimental Emojibots. Shouldn’t be a problem! There’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll be feeling anything but pure happiness each and every time you slip into your softest velvet coat! The only grief you’ll be recognizing is from others envious of your coat!



Series 10, Ep.3: Thin Ice

Wipe the dust off your breeches, pantaloons and trousers because its time to travel back to London in 1814. The Doctor is looking quite posh in this episode, dressing up his frock coat with a white collared shirt, a brocade waistcoat (wouldn’t that be a nice 😉 product to make), a silk cravat, black leather gloves and a hat to ‘top’ it all off!



Series 10, Ep.7: The Pyramids At The End Of The World

Calling ALL Presidents! It’s time to save humanity, which normally would be a challenge after losing your sight, but not for the Doctor! Disguising his blindness with his sonic screwdriver sunglasses gives his black velvet frock coat a whole new look.



Series 10, Ep.10: The Eaters Of Light

Have an intelligent conversation with a crow lately? Travel back to second-century Scotland with the Doctor and see if you can get them to say your name! This is the last episode where we see the Doctor in his black velvet frock coat accompanied with his holey sweater and hoodie.



How many costume changes did you count? I counted 6! That’s 6 different ways you can wear your Twelfth Doctor’s Black Velvet Frock Coat! Brilliant!

Although we’ve had to say good-bye to the Twelfth Doctor, we have so many memories (and outfits) to remember him by. I’ll end with The Twelfth Doctor’s inspiring last words;

“Never be cruel, never be cowardly, and never, ever eat pears! Remember, hate is always foolish and love is always wise. Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind”.

Laugh hard, run fast and be kind people!

Thanks for reading,

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  • Looking superb and I cannot wait to get mine! I mean other than the dreaded fear of having ordered the wrong size but still! Soft! Awesome coat!! Now it’s only to be hoped that abbyshot might turn their attention to a little worn Grey Linen coat from Lie of the land, Extremis and a flashback in World enough and time… (pretty please?)

    The Doctros Apprentice on

  • So excited that my coat wil soon be on it’s way and I can put it on (and hug myself in the soft velvet). The video of Stephen in the coat shows how gorgeous it truly is.

    Perhaps the ‘hidden’ pocket could be called the Emoji Pocket or Emoji Slot?

    The quick guide to the various outfits featuring the coat, and as worn by Peter Capaldi in Series 10, is a neat touch to assist cosplayers with constructing their costumes around what is an awesome piece of merchandise, so thank you for that. As to the brocade waistcoat from Thin Ice, now that would be an awesome piece to own if replicated! 😍😍

    Phil Smith on

  • I own your 10th Doctor trench coat and it is the best coat I have. People love asking about it. I’m sure this coat will be just as amazing.

    Bryan on

  • The coat is looking superb!! Looks dead on to the real coat worn by Capaldi. There is just two more times the coat is shown after the Eaters of Light. The very beginning of Empress of Mars and a flashback scene in World Enough and Time where the Doctor and Bill are walking outside of the university. Again, the coat is looking amazing!! Can’t wait to hopefully get my hands on one.

    Ryan Wasson on

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