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Life is full of endings…and beginnings.
You know the old saying, “When one door closes, another opens.” It is also true of Outlander, and the conclusion of season two finds you hopscotching with the Scots from 1745 to 1948 to 1968 and back again! You don’t know quite when you will land (or in which land you will land—France or Scotland), but you know that there will be lots of adventure with Jamie and Claire along the way!

Yes—adventure, heartbreak, battles, and blood—while they try to thwart Bonnie Prince Charlie from trying to reclaim the British throne—but they could not change the course of history. And, mark me, if Bonnie Prince Charlie said “Mark me…” one more time, I think it would have had to slit his throat myself with a sgian dubh!
In the end, it’s back to Scotland, and the mountains, and the mist, and the mud. There is not time for a long, tearful goodbye when Jamie sends Claire back through the stones to 1948 to save her and their unborn child from the aftermath of the Scots’ defeat at Culloden. For twenty years, she thinks he died on the battlefield, but the door opens when historian, Roger Wakefield, enters. (Watch this space for MUCH, MUCH more about Roger in the future!) Jamie did not die, and Claire must go back through the stones for a new beginning.
Hmmm… I wonder what the future holds next for these two?

By: Susan Castelletti

Need Some Droughtlander Relief?


  • Posted On August 14, 2016 by Sue Ryzdynski (Rye)

    I seem to be getting thru ‘Draughtland’ by bying moreAbbyshot stuff!

  • Posted On August 14, 2016 by Carol Horton

    Quite a good article. My sentiments exactly. Can’t wait for Season 3. The acting is just fabulous. I enjoy everything about the show, music, costumes, effects, historical content. Wow!! What a package. The reason I purchased STARZ. Diana, I am reading the novels to catch up as well. Well done by all. Avid fan. Carol Rooney Horton

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