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Hey, lads and lassies! Are you all as excited as we are here at AbbyShot, for Season 3 to start?? Waiting patiently in anticipation to continue along with Claire and Jamie on their journey? Well, maybe not SO patiently but it is what is and we are now down to the final countdown. Sqeeeee! Unless of course, you were one of those lucky 4000 audience members at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Or perhaps you have read the books?

The energy of the Outlander fandom intensifies as photos teasing the highlights for the premiere keep popping up over social media. So many discussions around costumes and debates over which scenes will come to life from Voyager! Ronald D Moore @RonDMoore has an impeccable flair for making this transition from books to the screen look like a simple walk in the park. Combining that with the beautiful costumes designed by Terry Dresbach  @OutlanderCostum and her amazing costuming team only leaves us hungry for more. We can’t wait to see what is in store for this season! 


Season 3 Official Trailer



1. Sassenach
2. Castle Leoch
3. The Way Out
4. The Gathering
5. Rent
6. The Garrison Commander
7. The Wedding
8. Both Sides Now
9. The Reckoning
10. By the Pricking of My Thumbs
11. The Devil's Mark
12. Lallybroch
13. The Watch
14. The Search
15. Wentworth Prison
16. To Ransom a Man's Soul


1. Through a Glass, Darkly
2. Not in Scotland Anymore
3. Useful Occupations and Deceptions
4. La Dame Blanche
5. Untimely Resurrection
6. Best Laid Schemes
7. Faith
8. The Fox's Lair
9. Je Suis Prest
10. Prestonpans
11. Vengeance Is Mine
12. The Hail Mary
13. Dragonfly in Amber


1. The Battle Joined
2. Surrender
3. All Debts Paid
4. Of Lost Things
5. Freedom & Whisky
6. A. Malcolm
7. Crème De Menthe
8. First Wife
9. The Doldrums
10. Heaven & Earth
11. Turtle Soup
12. The Bakra
13. A New World


We get it, the excitement can be too much. But let's face it, Droughtlander is real! We are all feeling a little anxious for this amazing story to continue and now that the countdown is on, we need something to feed our obsession. Here's a list of things we've been doing in the excitement of Season 3!

1. Watch Season 1 & 2 All Over Again - Even if it's your second or third time doing this, there are always things to notice when re-watching the series. Plus, Starz has every episode on their website for free, so why wouldn't you? Click here to watch now!

2. Closely follow Outlander dedicated blogs & websites - Why not feed the excitement? This final week leading up to Season 3 will bring lots of discussion throughout the Outlander community and there's no better place to get the inside scoop than from the many amazing blogs dedicated to the show. Don't know which blogs to follow? Check out our article on 10 Outlander blogs/websites you HAVE to follow!

3. Get together with an Outlander group in your community or online - Whether you're meeting fellow Outlander fans for a coffee or joining them on an online group, the discussions will be endless for this week leading to the Season 3 premiere. Discuss your favorite scenes, favorite characters, and Season 3 expectations. It's sure to get you even more eager for Sunday to arrive!

4. Catch up on our very own Outlander Blogs - Click the links below!

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