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Malcolm Reynolds Gun Holster & Belt is an officially licensed product for Firefly. It’s made of a quality, Aniline Buffalo genuine leather with solid metal hardware.

There are 5 stages to prepare this kind of leather. It’s sort of like following a recipe.

Raw to pickle - This stage generally takes four to five days. The leather hide is placed in a tank containing a solution of sodium and lime to help with the removal of the hairs. It is during this stage that leather can be stored for a long time.

Pickle to pre tan - This stage can take up to two days to complete. The tannery has to open the leather to get its maximum area and complete the degreasing stage.

Pre tan to crust - Taking up to two more days to complete, 100% natural vegetable oil is used to re-tan the leather to obtain body, fullness and softness.  This is commonly known as the vegetable crust.

Crust to dying - In this stage the tanner dyes the leather the required color and then repeats the pre tanning stage to maintain fullness and softness.

Dying to finish - This is the final stage in the tanning process. They call this the Make Up stage.  The tanner ensures the correct tones of color and then fixes the color to control the rubbing effect. This ensures your leather will stay the same color . This can take from 3 to 5 days to complete and then the leather is finally ready to cut.

As you can see, each skin is chosen by hand for its high quality and coloring. Close attention is paid to the finishing on both sides of the leather, as the suede underside is just as important as the finished leather side for this great product. This is also true for the leather lacing which is laced into the bottom of the holster and straps around your leg.

After several tests were made for size, using replica guns, we created a solid metal template to keep the size of each holster consistent. They are then carefully cut out of the selected leather, one piece at a time. Please be mindful when placing your replica gun into the holster as the leather has to be worked and softened manually by hand to alleviate some of the stiffness that comes with new leather products. It has come to our attention that some of these replica guns have brittle pieces, so DON’T force the gun.

The holsters are then assembled using quality rivets and are stitched and reinforced for durability.

More leather is used to make the quality belt, with eleven pairs of holes for the double buckle to fit into. This also allows you to “drop” the belt so that it is slung across your hips much as Malcolm Reynolds wears it.

Now you are READY for some Misbehaving!


Get your very own Malcolm Reynolds Gun Holster & Belt Today!


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