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Here we are finding ways to pass the time as we patiently or not SO patiently, wait for Season 3 to air. Some of you have been more fortunate than the rest of us and have already sat in on the special viewing offered at SDCC! Eeeek! So grateful for you all in not flooding the internet with SPOILERS!! Even though I have read the books, it still is a part of the whole experience to see the shows first hand, don't you agree?


1. Diana Gabaldon - www.dianagabaldon.com/blog/

2. Three if By Space -

3. My Outlander Blog -

4. Ladies of Lallybroch -

5. The Scotsman - www.scotsman.com

6. Outlander Homepage -

7. The Outlander Podcast -


8. Sassenachs BR - sassenachsbr.wordpress.com

9. Inverness Outlanders -

10. Outlander the Hiatus Survival Guide -


There you have it, folks, another 10 amazing Outlander fan websites/blogs you HAVE to follow. Join us next time as the list grows even longer!

Want your website or a site you follow to be mentioned on this type of list? Feel free to contact us at info@abbyshot.com for any suggestions or leave us a comment below!

Written by: Grace Shears


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