Returning Home To Lallybroch With Jamie Fraser's Leather Coat


Now that we know when to expect Season 3 (September 2017 for those of you who may not know!), doesn’t it make you want to touch some stones so you can travel AHEAD of time and watch the entire season NOW??!!!

While we are waiting during this prolonged shortage, we are very busy here at AbbyShot playing dress up as we receive samples of products we are perfecting!

You know one thing that really bothers me about our product development process? It keeps me awake at night knowing I have to make all you fans wait so long for new product! Imagine if I could create sketches one day and the next...POOF! We have an entire collection of Outlander goods to fill your boots!


One of the newer projects we’ve been working on is Jamie Fraser’s Leather Coat. Oh my, this coat is a looker (just like Sam himself)! Terry Dresbach and her team are such talented designers and we are so fortunate to be able to replicate their garments. Keep reading below and join us in this step by step journey in bringing this handsome coat to fruition.


We started our hunt to find as many details as possible (with some of our fans’ help of course)! Thankfully, one of our Outlander friends, Heather Insley, visited the FIDM Museum in LA while the Outlander costume exhibit was on display. She captured many pictures in order for us to learn more about Jamie’s leather coat and could clearly see details such as whip stitches, corded buttonholes, button details, fullness in the back skirt, pockets, distressing and much more!

To be able to choose the right color leather, guessing was just not an option! Because the leather coat is distressed, finding the right color is more of a challenge. We connected with FIDM and mailed them four Pantone chips that we felt would best match. We were happy to hear that 1 out of those 4 was an almost perfect match. Thanks for your help FIDM!

Sometimes, it is difficult to get EVERY detail exactly right due to the fact that we manufacturer in bulk. This is the case for the thick whip stitch found on most seams in this coat. Our manufacturer isn’t able to do this stitch in bulk manufacturing, so instead, they’ll take their thickest thread and topstitch all the same seam to give a similar effect. To be honest, at first, we thought not having the whip stitch would ruin the look of our coat, but after seeing the first sample, I think you will agree, that the coat still looks stunning! I mean…really…if Jamie Fraser cut his hair shorter, would it really make a difference to how stunning he looks? Point made!

Another detail that is problematic to replicate exactly is distressing the leather. The process will make each coat appear a little different, however, we are still able to achieve the look very closely to the original Outlander coat.


The original coat worn by Jamie in Outlander, doesn’t have a zipper. We did incorporate a zipper just in case you would want to have your coat to be more functional, but it’s not too late if you would much rather the coat to be like Jamie’s. Comment below and let me know!


The buttons on Jamie’s leather coat are mystical…and pretty sure…nonexistent! Ha! We have been searching high and low for this treasure and still nothing at the end of the rainbow. We are working closely with our manufacturer trying to develop the same button but it is always a challenge without an actual sample.

PLEASE…if you have ANY information regarding this button, email us!

How important is it to you that the button be EXACTLY the same?

What if it had the Fraser crest on it instead?

I would love your feedback on this topic so please comment below. In the meantime, I will show you how our first button sample turned out.

Our first button sample has a similar shape but doesn’t have the dimension we were looking for. Still a work in progress!!


Before fitting our first sample, we check all our measurements against our tech pack. Are the pockets the right size and angle? Are the back tabs the right width? Is the topstitching all in the correct places? Is the collar point lying the way it is supposed to be? So many details to check!

Once all the measurements are recorded, then we get to fit the sample to see how it looks! This is the REAL test! Most times, the first sample can look as if it just came out of battle, but in this case, our manufacturer impressed our socks off and the first sample looks pretty damn good if I say so myself!

Even though we are impressed with the first sample, there is still a fairly long list of things to improve. We have sent our revisions along to our manufacturer so that means a sample two will be completed in the near future! I wonder if I could fit that sample on Sam Heughan? What a treat that would be! Pretty sure the coat would get approved no matter what it looked like on him (Wink! Wink! Whistle! Whistle!).


The name Jamie is commonly used for both Men and Women. We have had many requests to make this coat in a Lady’s fit as well! Comment below if you are one of those ladies who would love to own one of these! If there is enough demand, well of course we will offer it for you! It would be like cuddling Jamie whenever you would like.

Until the 2nd sample arrives….



It only took 2 samples to get this masterpiece right! We are so happy with this coat that I think it has to be our new favorite. I believe everyone in our office had a turn of trying JAMIE FRASER’S LEATHER COAT on!



It’s truly hard to believe that it’s been 26 years since Diana Gabaldon released her first book from the Outlander series. I was first introduced to Outlander through the TV Series and I immediately felt an emotional attachment to the characters and storyline ever since! This day makes me think about all the stories shared with us by so many of you loyal Outlander fans. Since we partnered with Sony over three years ago, we’ve heard numerous accounts from so many of you on the endless forming of bonds and relationships across the miles that we’ve witnessed growing stronger and stronger. With every tear, smile and even for every moment of suspense experienced within this beautiful representation of Outlander, it’s like the world breathes together in unison. It has been an amazing experience getting to know you and we look forward to meeting even more of you along the way!

So, how will you be celebrating Outlander Day? We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by offering you the opportunity to add to your collection of Outlander memorabilia. JAMIE FRASER’S LEATHER COAT & JAMIE FRASER’S LEATHER BELT are now available for PRE-ORDER! How does the Pre-order work? Order today (or before June 15th) to reserve your coat from our first shipment. Production time will take about 8 weeks, which means your coat will be ready to ship around the end of August. We’ll keep you updated during the process!

We know a lot of you have been waiting for this day. We listened, and we heard you loud and clear that this coat is more than just a coat to you. It’s a piece of a timeless love story that you will cherish because of what it represents to you.

Written by: Leanne Avery


The wait is finally over to Pre-Order your very own masterpiece!

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No zipper! Please!

rebecca jallings

Bravo! It is beautiful. It looked very fetching on the young man you had modeling it.

I also think creating your own button design is a great idea. The Fraser crest would be perfect.
Ever thought of trying to contact Terry Dresbach for assistance?? I know she’s very busy and probably wouldn’t be able to help but wouldn’t that be incredible. She’s always on Twitter. I replied to something she posted and she replied to me so who knows…
Thanks for all the hard work. I really is an amazing coat!


Definitely make in a women’s although I would probably buy it no matter what! If you offer a plus size that would be ideal. No zipper! It would detract from the look. The Fraser crest for the buttons might be neat but I think a weathered looking brass would be just as nice.

Trisha Waddell

Love! No zipper though. Any chance of plus size options?


I’m so impressed with how much you guys are caring about every detail! Please NO Zipper! Keep it real (as they say). Yes would LOVE a woman’s version! I would wear it with so many different looks! Thank you! #Outlander xxx

Marila Powell

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