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We have several very cool businesses which retail our products and today we’d like to introduce you to The Celtic Ranch. As soon as you go to their website, you can see their philosophy written in their “About Us” quip at the bottom of their main page.

“If you feed your spirit, things around you will grow”

“The Celtic Ranch is more than a store, it is a lifestyle inspired by the spirit of our cultural and spiritual ancestors, the Celts. We take care in our choices, just like you. We're passionate about our heritage, just like you. We have a unique and eclectic take on life, just like you. We specialize in custom created jewelry, handcrafted leather, traditional keepsakes, and exclusive clothing we import new each season. We have a rustic take on the finer things in life, just like you. We’re small and dedicated to finding the best Celtic inspired treasures, just FOR you.”

When you think of The Celtic Ranch what comes to mind is an eclectic collection of Irish equestrian ware--a Ralph Lauren kind of look...think upscale equestrian with classic textiles from Ireland and Scotland. The options presented to clients are of high quality and are reasonably priced.

We spoke with Terry Kast, otherwise known as the Whiskey Cowgirl, and Head Honcho of this fine establishment! When asked why they love what they do, we learned that ‘to put it simply, we love to help people celebrate their Celtic heritage.’

And that they do! From their choice of well established brands, through to their Whiskey Snug, The Celtic Ranch exudes class and excellence, and yet with a very warm and friendly attitude. There is nothing pretentious to be found here, only a warm staff wanting to help you connect with your Celtic roots. When you buy at the Celtic Ranch you are a member of their Celtic clan and receive a handwritten thank you note and a gift card with each on-line purchase.

The Celtic Ranch doesn’t focus on the ordinary, but instead focuses on illustrating the beauty of the Celtic heritage by using Celtic celebrated artists. They choose with pride the products you’ll find in their shop, whether it be jewelry or textiles, barware or food items, to name but a few categories.

When you take a tour around their shop, you’ll find quality in every nook. You can find a number of higher end brand names, including Dubarry of Ireland Boots.  

Throughout the store you’re likely to see trees, some of which are incorporated into the displays, and they lend an authentic feel to the shop and a definite spirit of celebrating who their Celtic ancestors are. The Celts revered trees and the Celtic Ranch's “ode to trees” permeates their store. The rugged brick backdrop in their historic building only lends added charm and warmth to your shopping experience. These feelings permeate each touch point for a complete experience of Celtic hospitality!

Carraig Donn Irish knitwear is made in Westport in County Mayo Ireland and makes authentic sweaters for men, women and children.

Outside of the shop you can find The Celtic Ranch Team taking part in some of the larger outdoor Celtic Festivals and Highland Games events in the United States. Their sister company, Kiltman Kilts, was recently chosen as best utility kilt of the year by The Year of the Kilt. Kiltman also travels to events and games across the U.S..

The Celtic Ranch has their own YouTube channel where you can meet their manufacturers for Ireland and Scotland, and also Terry's whiskey Cowgirl videos! The Whiskey Cowgirl videos instruct her viewers on whiskey’s finer points! These are both fun and educational videos, not to be missed, and of course if you can get to a tasting event at the store, great fun and incredible whiskeys are promised! It all fits as The Celtic Ranch is situated in the local Irish destination with O'Malleys Pub and Weston Brewing Company voted as one of the top 25 pubs in the U.S.  

Shanore Handmade Irish Jewelry makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

We love working with Terry and her fine staff at The Celtic Ranch. If you’re looking for something from Outlander, you have come to the right spot! And if you haven’t any immediate plans to go to Weston, Missouri then shop their on-line store and take advantage of their free shipping on purchases shipped to the lower 48 states! Take a tour around their shop with their virtual Google experience to make it as personal an experience as it would be if you were in the shop itself. The Celtic Ranch also ships out over 200 packages a month from their Amazon site. With all of these choices, you’re sure to get just what you are looking for! Slainte!

Still not convinced? Then check them out on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecelticranch
Twitter: https://twitter.com/celticranch

Written by: Terry Kast & Brenda Hollohan

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