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Partners of AbbyShot

Posted by Brenda Hollohan on

Partners of AbbyShot

When AbbyShot made the decision to move to licensed products in 2008, it was both exciting and somewhat scary! We live in a culture, however, of embracing fear and finding greatness on the other side and so we plugged our noses and plunged in head first!  

Jay & Silent Bob

Beam forward to 2008. This is when we jumped into licensing in a big way. We signed on with BBC Worldwide and the Doctor Who property. We created the Tenth Doctor’s Coat and the Martha Jones Companion Jacket and launched them in January of 2009! This was our first time outsourcing overseas (we had been outsourcing only in Canada before that). This is when we began with a small handful of retailers as well.

We had already recreated the Silent Bob Coat, and through the kindness of Kevin Smith we got to examine at our shop HIS original coat to make our first licensed replica. This was in 2003. We continue working with Jay and Silent Bob to this day and value their partnership.

Also in 2008 we signed on with Universal Studios and the property Serenity. We recreated our first licensed version of Malcolm Reynold’s Browncoat, minus the bullet hole.  

The Celtic Ranch in Weston, MO, United States

Now it’s 2016 and we find ourselves full circle and working with Twentieth Century Fox on Firefly products. We have continued working with BBC Worldwide and Jay & Silent Bob, and along the way we have had the privilege of also working with Sony Television Pictures, ABC Studios and Universal City Studios Production.

AbbyShot is blessed with having great partners all around us, starting with those in our office and coming full swing around to you, the fans! You’ve already met Grace, our Risk Manager, and Leanne, our Product Developer. From them you learned a bit about what inspires us, our processes, and our ever growing relationships with our manufacturers and inspections agencies. All of this has allowed us to create for you everyday wear, extraordinaire!

Michael Rodent's in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

My name is Brenda, and as AbbyShot’s Matrix Builder I’m here to give you a brief introduction to some of our retailers, and along the way you'll learn more about some of our other partners, too. In this blog you see a few of their storefronts, but we have many more retailers, all over Canada and the US, as well as in England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands!

Over the next several months, you’ll get to meet many of them in a blog dedicated to each of their businesses. We're very fortunate, for every retailer we work with has a unique business model created around their customers. You’d think that maybe fans of a property such as Outlander or Doctor Who would be the same the world over, but this is not always the case.

House of Henderson, Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

You might find it interesting to note that the MacKenzie tartans from Outlander do well on the west coast of North America, for example. Our Tenth Doctor’s Coat is a smashing success in the more northern climates, but is also very popular in places like California (go figure). Some businesses attend cons or Highland Games. Other shops hold special events either within their shop or in a separate location. 

Things Celtic, Houston, Texas, United States

Some of our retailers’ shops are housed in forts, cathedrals, castles and palaces in Scotland, as well on battlefields and on the Royal Mile. We have shops in four museums, online shops and shops that travel from event to event, regardless of the weather. We have tour companies which sell products and one shop where you have to go through the TARDIS to be able to purchase your favourite fandom. We also have shops in malls, stand alone shops in both retail and business districts and one shop is located within one of the studios! Regardless of their locations, however, the one commonality is that each of these shops cater to your favourite fandoms!

Highland Scottish Gift Shoppe, Calgary, AB, Canada

We’re looking forward to you learning more about each of these shops, as well as some of our other business associates. If you have a favourite shop, let us know as well. We’re always looking for new partners and then you might learn even more about them as we feature them in our blog series about Partners of AbbyShot!


By: Brenda Hollohan

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