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The Laddiebrock Guide to Outlander: Outlander Review 03.01

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The Laddiebrock Guide to Outlander: Outlander Review 03.01

The long awaited Season 3 of Outlander is finally here, and the opening episode did not disappoint!

I have to confess, I never thought I would become such a fan of the Outlander series. I had never heard of it, but then I was hired as a supporting actor for a few scenes on Season 2 so I tried to find out a bit more. The whole tale initially sounded quite ridiculous to me, and if I’m honest, a bit “sappy” in my mind, but when in Rome…So I decided to watch a couple of episodes to see what I had let myself in for. From then on, I was hooked.

Since episode one aired less than 48 hours ago I have already watched it twice. Right from the opening scenes, it hit the ground running. With the intensity of the battle scenes on Culloden and the aftermath of fallen Jacobite soldiers piled in the mud, their belonging looted by the victorious redcoat soldiers, it had me on the edge of my seat.

The question on everyone’s lips “Where is Jamie?” is soon answered when he is seen lying amongst the piles of corpses, on the edge of death under the body of a British soldier, who we soon find out is none other than Black Jack Randall. When confronted by his nemesis, Jamie does not hold back. Both men face each other across the moor, and you know that now is Jamie’s time for vengeance. I have nurtured a deep hatred for Black Jack Randall over the last two seasons, and in that moment, as Jamie extinguished his life once and for all I was all but cheering for his demise!

And what of Claire? She has returned back to her own time, pregnant, and is now in Boston with Frank who has agreed to raise her child as his own. She finds herself in a world where women look after the home, the babies and their husband and this just does not sit well with her strong and independent character.

Life is not so easy for Frank either. Kept at arm's length by his wife, whilst trying hard to make things work even though his wife is carrying another man’s baby. Which must add insult to the injury of him not being able to father any children of his own. I think it really is a testament to Tobias, the man that played both roles so well that he can make you hate Black Jack Randall, and feel a deep sympathy for Frank, not an easy task I’m sure. It is obvious that there is a deep conflict going on within Claire. Here she is, with a man who loves her, is kind and good but looks so much like the vile and evil monster who has caused so much pain. How can she not be confused and conflicted by her own feelings?

The first episode has certainly gripped me and I have no doubt that this season is sure to be a winner for all watching. I am excited to see where the story goes from here, and what new and interesting characters emerge. It was hard to see so many loved characters go, with Angus & Dougal at the end of season two and then the one eyed gentle giant Rupert at the start of season three, I can’t begin to guess where it’s going to go now. I know many of you reading this have probably read all the books years ago, but please, no spoilers. (No matter how much I beg!) What I am sure of is the writer must have so much more up her sleeve after killing off so many key players in the plot so far.

Well, that’s all from me Sassenachs. I’m off on tour to Lallybroch with a few of my fellow Outlander fans to see where the action happened and the characters brought to life. I look forward to sharing more of my views, tales of the experiences of doing my tours and meeting many like minded people.

And maybe even a few insights into what it was like being on the show. ;)

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James Kennedy


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