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With AbbyShot’s fifteenth year now upon us, what does this mean for the brand itself? This is the question we’ve been asking ourselves for the past three months. The answer was in our reality, we just had to open our eyes to see it!

Let’s face it, AbbyShot has changed since 2002, when just a few employees would be scrambling to get a Matrix replica coat out the door. Every year this industry changes, and we’ve been along for the ride for fifteen years. So it was important to step back for a second and look at what we are doing, and who we were doing it for. The question was harder than you think!

With currently 8 different licenses, our demographic doesn’t lie in one niche category. It’s compiled of many different folks, from different countries, with different interests. We wanted our brand to speak to all the lovely differences within our customer base. It was still important for our new look to say exactly what we do and what we are known for, high quality replica cosplay clothing. Keeping inside that feeling, we also needed to speak to our non-cosplay customers who just want high quality merchandise from their favorite television show or movie.


We started with the logo itself. How can we alter our logo (which was now 8 years old) to better represent our brand? We didn’t want to change it completely because we’ve worked hard to get where we are and our logo and name, which is recognizable within this industry. So we needed our new logo to be revamped, not redesigned.

We started with the symbol itself. Over the years we’ve heard many remarks about what our symbol represents and the many things it may look like. One thing we have always known for sure is our symbol has always looked very feminine. This is not a bad thing, where our demographic is just about 50% men and 50% women, but we thought it would be best to keep our look gender neutral. We also wanted our symbol to scream “hero” to better represent our slogan “Where Heroes Shop”, which was the original inspiration on our previous logo, we just didn’t quite get there. After many attempts over the past three or four years, we finally had something that looked like a Superhero emblem, stayed within the old symbol style, and most importantly represented all of our amazing customers!

Next up was the font. We wanted something strong and bold, yet slightly curved on the edges. A font that would slingshot us into our fifteenth year, yet remain modern for years to come. We have always been inspired by the Doctor Who brand and how they manage to slightly change their look every series, yet remain recognizable. This was our goal, and we are very confident we made the right choice!

The last step was choosing our new colors. Similar to our symbol, we wanted to avoid changing the colors too drastically, in case we would become unrecognizable to our customers. Our old colors (if you’ve never noticed) actually unintentionally represent some of our biggest products right now. The dark blue matching the exact color of our Twelfth Doctor’s Coat, the red matching the Dante and Rhenish Outlander line, and the light blue/teal bringing out the blue in our MacKenzie Outlander products. Because of this we didn’t want to change the colors too much. So we took every color we were currently using and altered them ever so slightly. As you can see the difference is subtle but very effective.

With those changes and a few extra features added to our website, we feel the new look represents the future of AbbyShot and the loyal customers that define our brand. We hope you feel the same!

Please comment on this blog post with any feedback you might have, we’d love to hear it!

Written By: Adam of the AbbyShot team

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