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Hello Outlander fans!

What an exciting week it’s been for those of us neck deep in Droughtlander! Lots of new casting information for Season 3 plus Entertainment Weekly featured Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), on the cover!! If I were a red coat, I’d run the other way!!!

Before I go any further, a friendly wee warning. Don’t proceed reading this blog unless you want to hear some Season 3 spoilers!

There have been a lot of new actors announced, some quite recently, but let me start with one from a few weeks ago. David Berry (A Place to Call Home) has been cast as Lord John Grey. If you recall, we met a young Lord John Grey (Oscar Kennedy) when the lad defended Claire’s honor when he thought the Highlanders had captured her. Instead of killing Grey, the Highlanders tied him to a tree, sabotaged the English cannons and carriages and thoroughly humiliated him. Grey returns as the governor of the prison Jamie is sent to after the disastrous and heartbreaking Battle of Culloden. These two characters will forge a lifelong friendship that spans all of Diana Gabaldon’s nine books.

Wil Johnson (Waking the Dead) was cast as Joe Abernathy, Claire’s medical colleague from 20th century Boston. His friendship and moral support become vital to Claire as they both navigate a difficult time for both women & African-Americans in the 60’s.

John Bell (The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies) was cast as young Ian Murray, the tall, gangly son of Ian and Jenny Murray. He has a knack for getting into trouble but has a good, kind heart. Ian is a beloved book character, and we can only hope they find the right wolf dog to cast as his 4 legged shadow, Rollo! Casting has done an outstanding job so far so I'm sure he will be magnificent!

Cesar Domboy (The Walk) was tapped as Adult Fergus. Ahh, it’s such a shame we can’t keep the young, cute pickpocket that stole Sawny from Jamie’s sporran (Romann Berrux) for Season 3. But Fergus grows up and becomes Jamie & Claire’s surrogate son. And ladies, I think Sam Heughan has some major competition in the heartthrob department!

Lauren Lyle (…And You’re Back in the Room) was just cast as Laoghaire MacKenzie’s daughter, Marsali. I’m going to tread very lightly on this character’s backstory and just leave it at that <evil grin> Read the book if you have to know!

I highly recommend reading the fantastic books by Diana Gabaldon during Droughtlander. They are well written, full of history and adventure with lovely, well rounded characters. It is by far my favorite book series. I know some book fans have a hard time separating the show from the book. I think it’s best to just keep them as separate entities, try not to compare them too much and enjoy both for what they are. My sister-in-law, bless her heart, is a purist and sits watching with the current season’s book on her lap to follow along with the show. I think she misses out on the subtleties of the show concentrating on the differences too much.

Now, about that EW cover!  WOWZA!!  Outlander commands both the cover and the inside feature. It’s packed full of delicious photos, behind the scenes tidbits and even a sample of Gabaldon’s book in-progress. It delights and quenches our Droughtlander thirst!!!

Stay tuned for more Outlander news as Season 3 filming continues. Who knows, maybe we will get some new Outlander products released by some certain outlet to help us through “Withoutlander"!!! <wink,wink>  Tulach Ard!!

By: Sue Strickler

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