5 Things to Do This Year for World Outlander Day!!

For many of us Diana Gabaldon fans, June 1st holds a special place in our hearts. It's a day to stand united as Outlander fans! Twenty-six years ago, I never imaged that the following for this book and t.v. series would have grown to reach such a massive global audience of 32 million fans and counting!

Well, I suppose I am not truly surprised! After all, I have been singing her praises and recommending her writing for years. And now look at us! I mean, #WorldOutlanderDay???

We couldn't be more thrilled!

So, how do millions of drought-filled Outlander fans spend their day celebrating?

There are so many ideas to pick from! Here are but just a few suggestions on how to bring out your own inner Sassenach/Scotsman.

1. Host an Outlander themed dinner party. You can dress like your favorite character from the show and even have a whiskey tasting table.



Photo: Cosplayers of Claire and Jamie at FanExpo Toronto 2016

2. You could gather/join your local Outlander Fan group and coordinate a binge-watching session combined with a dram of whiskey.



Photo: Underbelly, St John's, NL with the Outlandish NL Canada group.


3. Now if you are really adventurous you can plan a group vacation to Scotland and attend some events!


Photo Credit: IslesofSkye.com, Old Man of Storr, The Isle of Skye,  Infamous for the Jacobite Rebellion and Bonnie Prince Charles







4. As someone with a Scottish background, I strongly recommend digging deeper into discovering your Scottish roots.

Photo: Scotland's national flower, the thistle. Credit to Bernadette Morris Photography



5. Play some games.  Board game night is always a success! If you're really adventurous, you can create your own game. Guess what Jamie carries in his sporran? or Test your Scottish Trivia.



Photo: Contents of Jamie's Sporran, Wentworth Prison

Have fun no matter what you decide to do! Help celebrate World Outlander day in your own fashion. Gather the Clans, sound the pibroch loud and high and settle in for an adventure of your own making. This is our day!

Be sure to keep an eye out on our Outlander, Coming Soon page for up and coming products!


And when all else fails, spend the day reading your favorite book. ;)

Slainte, to one of my favorite storytellers of all time!

Je suis prest! Es-tu?

Devoted Fan,
Grace Shears


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As a Scot friend of mine keeps reminding me… REAL Whisky is spelled without an “e”.

Paul Collins

Thanks Janelle, all fixed :D


It’s “Es-tu?”


I will be knitting HISTORICALLY while watching for my favorite fan friend. This is the coolest pattern ever for fans! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/journey-through-time-outlander


Thanks for all your ideas and the links!

Your pictures are wonderful. I will definitely celebrate in one of the ways mentioned.

You’re so adorable – reading our favorite book with a look of awe on your face. Priceless.

Happy Outlander Day to you, lassie!


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