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Busy, busy, busy……I am EON. Some of you will remember me. Those of you who don't, should know that I am AbbyShot’s worst nightmare! I have returned with a vengeance to take back what is mine! I have spent many years lurking behind the scenes, patiently waiting for the right opportunity to get as much juicy intel to share with you that I can on what is going on behind the scenes in this madhouse they call AbbyShot.

It was the luck of the Irish that when I arrived today the owner, Bonnie was alone. Time to teach her a lesson for chasing me with her blasted broom! Now, let's find out what was really going on here since I have been away.

This was my chance to put AbbyShot in lockdown mode and make some geeks out of these heroes once and for all. It was evident that after changing all the locks on the doors, they were not impressed with me!

Cracking into their computer system proved to be more arduous than I had anticipated. Things have changed a lot here at AbbyShot these past few years, but luckily my Top Secret training gained me the access I had hoped for! I went straight to work on adding a few personalized touches to their computers before I continued on with my snooping path of destruction. Surely there was something I could find to throw a wrench into their plans?

These folks at AbbyShot seem to be having way too much fun on the job. Pfft! Who do they think they are rubbing elbows with the likes of Norman Reedus? That just will not do! Of course, I had to add an EON touch to make it extra special.


Sadly, all mischief comes with a price and mine left me a little peckish so I raided their fridge in fine style.

Dang-it, the locksmith is here! I need to get out fast!! Wait!!! One last deed of mischief before I go!

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Written By: EON

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