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GUESS WHAT? We have HUGE news! Well, not literally huge, slightly smaller than usual…which is HUGE!

We just heard word from our manufacturer that YOUR Twelfth Doctor’s Red Velvet Coat (1st Shipment) will be ready to ship to YOU by June 30th! Like the Doctor, we hate being wrong in public (about Spring delivery) but we think you should take the Doctor’s advice and everybody forget what happened!!

BBC has officially approved our final sample and we’ve already moved into the production & inspection stage as you can see below!


Ok guys, if you’ve been hmmming and haaaawing whether or not you want a luxurious velvet coat for yourself, this is THE time to decide! Be one of the first to own an Official Twelfth Doctor’s Red Velvet Coat, otherwise, you’re going to have to wait longer for the 2nd shipment. Pretty sure you don’t want to do that! Ha!

Here are the sizes we have left from our first shipment:

9 x XS

6 x S

8 x M

4 x L

2 x XL

2 x 2XL

Click RIGHT HERE to reserve your coat NOW before your size is gone!


Ladies Twelfth Doctor’s Red Velvet Coat is now sold out! Wowsers, that was fast! At this time, there’s no date on when more of these coats will be made. For you ladies who have reserved your coat…CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your coats will be shipped with the Men’s 2nd shipment later in the summer. We’ll announce a date once we get one from our manufacturer 😊! In the meantime, we’re still in the sample stage improving the fit hoping the next sample will be to our liking.


We want to send a BIG THANKS AGAIN TO OUR SECRET FANS (You know who you are)! We had a lot of help from you during the research, sourcing and sampling stages and we couldn’t have done this without you. Your dedication, wealth of knowledge & feedback was very much appreciated! Thank you!

Written by: Leanne Avery

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