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Generating Your Twelfth Doctor's Velvet Coat (Episode 4)

Posted by Leanne Avery on

Generating Your Twelfth Doctor's Velvet Coat (Episode 4)

Thank you all for your patience. I’m going to keep this blog short & super sweet (tasting the cotton candy). I think you’re all starting to experience the same feeling we have while waiting for a product to be made! Welcome to our world! Painfully exciting isn’t it?


We are ecstatic to announce to you that we finally have a sample that we are very, very pleased with. The fit issue we were having has been solved (standing ovation)! Do you know what this means? It means we wait for final approval from BBC and then we are GOOD. TO. GO. Once approved, the production games will begin! This is always my favourite stage of the process because the sampling part can last a very long time (as you are all learning). It’s worth it though, because we always work hard to get the end result as close to the original as we can. You realize we do all this for you right? That’s how awesome you are! SMILING!!!

(Just love these guys)

Ok, so, what’s next? Adam is doing our photoshoot today with our model, Mitch (who looks pretty snazzy in that red velvet if I do say so myself). We’ll be uploading those snazzy shots on our website as soon as we get approval from BBC so you can take a closer look at your future Twelfth Doctor’s Red Velvet Coat (jumping up and down)!


Man oh man, if I could only sneak into The Doctor’s TARDIS right now, I would! I would go into the future to tell you exactly when your coats will ship! We’re excitedly awaiting BBC’s green light so that you can come back to you with a date when we’ll have these in our warehouses ready to ship to you.

We always do our best to deliver, but sometimes its out of our hands. Some of you have let us know that spring has passed. Well, it has in some places, but in other places (like Newfoundland Canada, where our HQ is located), it’s actually still winter! So, when we said Spring…we meant OUR spring! 😉 The good news is, things are moving right along now, and we are no longer stuck on the same issue that has delayed this order. Thank you for being with us on this journey!

Written by: Leanne Avery

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  • thanks for keeping us updated. I am really looking forward to getting mine. I know it will be worth the wait.

    John Stanley on

  • Thanks for the update; I don’t mind the wait for quality’s sake, so keep up the good work!

    Simon G. on

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