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Greetings again, my fellow Whovians! It’s timey wimey for another Red Velvet Coat update. So, let’s get right to it then shall we?


Knowing this coat was high in demand, we wanted to try something new…EARLY BIRD PRE-SALES! One of the reasons we decided to try this, is to provide you with better inventory availability. Knowing what sizes to order beforehand helps us make sure we don’t sell out of your size! We want to see smiles on those faces 😊. While we are fine tuning all the details, it gives us time to receive your pre-orders so that we can order more of the sizes that are already sold out!

Make sure to order NOW to reserve your size and receive your coat from our first shipment! If not you’ll have to wait longer for the next shipment. We just may lose some of those smiles I mentioned earlier ☹.

Did you know we have 2 payment options for you? Either pay in full now or pay 50% down now and the other half later when your coat is ready to be shipped.

Check out our size chart to make sure you have the right size. We love helping to fit you, so connect with us if you’re unsure or fall in between sizes!


I don’t know about you but waiting for the completion of this coat is both unbearable & crazy exciting at the same time! The anticipation is fantastic! We thought you would love it if we created a visual for you to see what stage your coat is currently in.

We’ve already approved the final fabric by swatch but there has been a bit of confusion with the factory making sure we have the correct color. This has delayed us a couple of weeks as there’s been some unexpected back and forth. If you only knew how many times I say to our manufacturer, “But our fans are not going to be happy about this. This has to be fixed”. We know how important the details are to you, and we do our very best to get as many of them as we can right for you! In the end, YOU are the ones wearing these masterpieces and we want you to be proud doing so!

A couple thousand metres of the velvet fabric is completed and is currently going through the dyeing process to match the color we’ve approved. Only 200 metres of fabric can be dyed at one time, so the process takes a couple of weeks.

We’ve been waiting for a larger piece of fabric to be shipped to us in order to be positively, 100% sure that we are getting the fabric we’ve approved from the beginning. Due to a severe snow storm, the package was stuck in Montreal, but finally we received it yesterday (while I was skiing in waist deep powder by the way!) and WE.ARE.GOOD.TO.GO! We will be getting our final sample in the next couple of weeks so we can start shooting pics for our product page! Hooray! Things are moving right along!


The other things we’re waiting on are the first samples of the labels. This part is usually straight forward so no worries on this part delaying your coat getting to you! Originally, we were discussing some cool ideas for labels, and new places to sew them so they are more hidden, but in the end we still have to think practicality and functionality! We sell Licensed clothing to Retailers and if we hid our labels, it would just be too inconvenient for the customer looking for the coat information. Remember those smiles? We know some of you just remove those darn labels so that your coat is even more like the original. That’s totally fine with us 😊, so seam rip away!


I actually don’t even know what to say here except for we’re NOT OPRAH people!!! Ha! Ha! Prepare to be memed!

And No! We’re not sending FREE KITTENS with your coat! But the free gift will help you if you do have a kitten!


Like WHOA! Hold on to your sonic screwdrivers!

We’re kind of regretting mentioning it now and have learned our lesson not to mention “free gift” ever again! Ha! Ha! It may have been smarter on our part if we left it as an unexpected surprise! There seems to be very high expectations for this free gift but, sorry peeps, prepare for your hopes & dreams to be crushed!!!

If we could give you a free life size TARDIS, free Ray Bans, or free holey sweater (which we are not permitted to do) we surely would!

That’s it for you men now…on to the ladies!


YES! YES! & YES! We aren’t going to crush, blend or puree your dreams because we are working on a fit for all you ladies out there! Actually, we did our first sample fitting this week! Overall, it fit fairly well but definitely have some improvements to be made.

The plan of attack is the ladies Twelfth Doctor’s Red Velvet Coat will be available for pre-pretty-sale THIS WEEKEND! Yes, you heard that correctly! There will only be a limited number of sizes available in our summer shipment for these beauties so don’t delay…order them now!

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By: Leanne Avery

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