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Doctor Who: A TV show that has touched the hearts of millions and is loved worldwide. For a show to be running for 50+ years is truly tremendous and should be respected for not only its integrity, but its uniqueness as well! I live in the UK and as you can imagine, Doctor Who is plastered everywhere. After all, it is filmed, edited and produced here! This show has become more than just a show to me. It has become so integral to my life as it has many others.

Being 19 years old, I have essentially grown up with the show and I think that's why I've become so heavily influenced by it. It has, in many ways, made me a better person and has changed the way I think about and treat others. Doctor Who has had nothing but a positive effect on my life and I couldn't be more grateful. Outside of being a cosplayer (dressing up for those who don't know), I'm a photographer and a digital artist. I'm 19 years old and many would consider me as just starting out, but throughout many years of studying I believe myself to be good at what I do. I do not wish to be modest but I always work very hard at what I do, putting in an effort at every opportunity. I suppose that sums me up as a person really. I strive to succeed in the things I love doing and I've always been creative in that respect. Photography and graphic design is my profession but as a hobby, I'm a cosplayer.

Cosplay is just a word for dressing up as a character from TV shows or film. Cosplaying became a part of my life in May 2015 and since then I've met so many people that I hold very close to me now. I've learned that cosplaying is more than dressing up. It's a social hobby and it truly brings people closer together. Being a sociable person anyway this has been a gateway for me to meet more people and lead a happier life! It being a hobby and something I genuinely love doing, I always put the effort in and work hard at it. One company that has helped me to access clothing for this hobby is AbbyShot. In fact, I wouldn't know where I would be without this wonderful company! They truly deliver on quality and replicate clothing so well! I'm a regular customer, but you can probably understand why. Cosplaying the Doctor from Doctor Who has been made possible for me because of AbbyShot and I honestly can't thank them enough. Currently, I own four AbbyShot products which will of course increase overtime. The quality is outstanding and from coats to bow ties, I've been flabbergasted every time! And so that brings me to the end of this statement. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy life just as much as I have!

By: Kai Nelson (From Birmingham, UK)

Cosplay page: www.facebook.com/gingereleven
Photography page: www.facebook.com/mountainpeakphotography
Instagram: @redheadedchinny96
Photography Website: www.kaisteele.wix.com/mountainpeak

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  • Posted On June 29, 2016 by Phil Smith

    Superb pictures and a great article, Kai. You really capture Matt’s look brilliantly. I am in no doubt your Abbyshot wardrobe will grow in future, they are truly where heroes shop!

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