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Who knew a simple TV series about an alien traveling around in a classic Police Box through time and space would influence and shape the lives of so many fans? This is certainly true for me, like any fan over the past 50 years, Doctor Who has become a huge part of my life.

My name’s Dominic, and I’m 24 from Nottingham. I can honestly say my life would be completely different if I hadn’t been sat in front of the TV as a child and told to ‘watch this’. Luckily for me that just happened to be an episode of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, I was never able to watch an episode broadcast until the series’ regeneration in 2005, when I was introduced to the series by my Dad. I don’t actually recall how old I was or what my first episode was. My Dad was also a fan of Doctor Who before me and so we had numerous episodes of what is now known as Classic Who on VHS. This meant I was able to continue watching and re-watching classic episodes such as, ‘Planet of the Spiders’, ‘The Robots of Death’ & ‘Revenge of the Cybermen’.  

I first started cosplaying when I was University and it wasn’t too long before I was bitten by the cosplay bug. I originally started with the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, during his tenure as the adventurous Time Lord. Since then I’ve now completed various New Who Doctors and even ventured into some Classic Who outfits too. One of my favourite outfits I have at present has to be my Stetson Doctor from ‘Closing Time’, which just so happens to include the AbbyShot Eleventh Doctor Green Coat. I have numerous AbbyShot coats and accessories, everything from the Purple Braces and the Tenth Doctor Coat. The quality and attention to detail AbbyShot has in its replication of the coats in particular is outstanding. I’ve been a huge fan of what they produce and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with next.

As well as influencing my wardrobe, it has also had a huge effect on my social and personal life. I was always creative as a child but after a while I channelled this into something I could turn into a career. I started out making pretty simple Doctor Who graphics, producing wallpaper and CD covers. After 5 years of College and University, I got my childhood dream. As well as becoming a Graphic Designer, Model Maker and Prop Maker, with these skills it’s allowed me to work as an Art Department Assistant / Art Director within the Film & TV Industry.

Being a cosplayer in itself meant I’ve been able to meet a lot of likeminded individuals who, like me, love the show and hugely enjoy cosplaying. Seeing the effort people put into their outfits is just inspirational and amazing to see; a lot of money, time and effort goes into them. But of course the most important part of cosplay is to have fun! As well as meeting fellow Whovians, it was also how I met my amazing girlfriend, Hope. We both have similar ambitions, one of which is a love of cosplay, but one of the most enjoyable parts of it all is going to Comic Cons as the Doctor and Companion.

I can certainly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for a certain Time Lord.
One quote I’ve always stuck to, from the Fourth Doctor’s first Adventure ‘Robot’:

‘There’s no point in being grown up if you can’t be childish sometimes.’

By Dominic Green

Cosplay page: www.facebook.com/thedoctordom/
Graphics page: www.facebook.com/thedoctorwho2/
Instagram: @thedoctordom_

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  • Posted On July 14, 2016 by Phil Smith

    Great story and superb pictures. Fantastic that you can now partake of the film industry too. Good lucck and best wishes for the future.

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