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We have been avid fans of the “Devil May Cry” series for a long while, after Capcom's awesome success with “Street Fighter” and “Resident Evil” it basically peaked our interest. Playing it was unlike anything ever, it was a hack and slash with a resident evil aesthetic, and it was unlike anything we had seen before. Just from the intro. of the first game on PlayStation2, you sat there with your jaw dropped, it's how we were in any case XD

Long story short, it's about a white hated, red coated half demon called Dante, son of the legendary Dark Knight, Sparda. As a demon slayer for hire, he very rarely gets work, but when he does it is usually the world at stake. Trish is a demon who can control lightning and Lady, the rocket launching demon hunter (and Dante's main debt provider).

The one aspect of the series we love the most is that each sequel just got better up to “Devil May Cry 4”; the combat system, the combos, the awesome new areas and special abilities just made you want to get the best score possible. That was great as well as new weapons, new skills, new ways to fight; it just keeps the games fresh, not forgetting the amazing and badass plot/action included in the stories. Also, never play on an empty stomach as pizza is everywhere, it being Dante's favourite food.

We instantly fell in love with the game as well as all the characters. Dante was just awesome and Lady was just incredible. It was only two years ago that we knew we had to do a Dante and Lady cosplay at some point, so we got to work.

Cosplay for us has always been about enjoying playing the character you are and having fun overall. There is just something about “Devil May Cry”, both playing it and wearing the costumes, that make you feel like a badass, and as a result these are some of our most favorite costumes to wear.

If you haven't tried cosplaying and you have considered it, please do! Going to a con without them hasn't been the same and always feels best when it is a game, TV show or movie that you love! It is also how we met, as a result we are now a couple :3

By: Ann-Marie and Jordan

Facebook Page: facebook.com/devilnevercrycosplay
Instagram Page: instagram.com/devilsnevercrycosplay

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