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Faces of AbbyShot: Andrea James

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Faces of AbbyShot: Andrea James

My family and I were headed on a 16-hour road trip, and like most people, I was in desperate need to find something to keep me occupied. I can’t read a book in the car, but considered an audiobook. After a bit of book shopping, I turned to a long time friend who shares similar book interests, and she recommended Outlander. I quickly grabbed my iPod and earbuds, and downloaded the audiobook version with the idea that 32+ hours of listening was far more than enough to get me through the long ride in the car.

I went into the story blind. I had not read a single synopsis or summary of the book, and was merely going off my friend’s word. She had said to me, “Trust me, it’s a story like no other. Plus there’s a super hot Scotsman in a kilt.” Boy, was she right. I remember being so “plugged in” that a few hours into the road trip my husband looked over at me, pulled the earbud out of my left ear, and said “Are you ever going to talk to me again?” That was 8 years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Like every 30-something year-old fangirl, I quickly recruited other unsuspecting victims, converting them over to the world of Outlander. In a way, it made me feel better about my own obsession, naturally. :-)  Along with this came purchases of every book in the series, in every format, and countless searches on the Internet to read each and every Outlander related article, blog, and find as many related Facebook pages/groups as possible. To my surprise, there were only a small handful (at the time).

A few years ago, Diana Gabaldon confirmed ongoing rumors that there was indeed going to be a screen adaptation. My excitement could not be contained. At that time, I decided to create a Facebook page of my own that could serve as an outlet for myself and other Outlander fans, which is how Outlander Addiction (Facebook.com/OutlanderAddiction) came to be.

From the time it was announced that Starz was going to take on the challenge of re-creating one of the best stories of all-time to display on our televisions, the entire fandom exploded. My Outlander Addiction page went from just a few hundred followers, to well over 25,000. Other pages are now popping up all over the place. Literally thousands of groups, blogs, and Twitter handles are now available to feed every fan’s hunger for Outlander, whether it’s to recap episodes each week, or complain about Sam Heughan’s hair color. It’s fantastic!

In the “offline” world, there’s also an abundance of Outlander-themed events and local groups, all within an arm’s reach to fans. I live in a small town in Southern Oregon (U.S.), and we have a small group of gals that occasionally gather for premieres and finales, and book events. We’ve been known to tote “Cardboard Jamie” around with us. He’s great for laughs. A couple of us even had the pleasure of attending the show’s premiere back in 2013 and meet a few of the cast members. Further up north in Portland, Oregon is a wonderful group called Outlandia. They organize Outlander-themed activities for charitable causes, and gather together for related adventures, such as the Portland Highland Games.

Being part of this crazy fandom is truly a delight. I’ve met an abundance of interesting people from all over the world, and we all share a common love of Outlander. Even if it means arguing over who gets the title of “Sassenach”. ;-)

Written by: Andrea James - admin of Outlander Addiction

Facebook: Facebook.com/OutlanderAddiction
Twitter: @OutlanderAddict
Instagram: instagram.com/outlander_addiction/
Website: outlanderaddiction.com

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  • About 4 years ago one of my clients was reading a rather large book titled Outlander. She had some memory deficits that I was working on and I had her recall what she was reading from her book. I kept pressing her for more information because it sounded so interesting. I never forgot the book title and the story but sorry to say at that time did not read it. About 3 months ago I was looking on demand on my cable tv and saw a show entitled Outlander. I thought it couldn’t be about the book Outlander, it must be something else. I watched the first show and couldn’t believe it was based on Diana Gabaldon’s book. Well I watched all of the first season in about 3 days. I then purchased all of the books and am happy to say just finished Fiery Cross. I am very pleased with the show, wonderful acting, well written for a series, gorgeous costumes, and beautiful country. Diana is such a gifted writer and thank-you for the wonderful story. I have my husband watching the show and have been converting many at work. What my brain can perceive my eyes can take a photo from the books and the tv series.

    Maureen Lackey on

  • I saw Sam on a coming attraction for Outlander and even though I’m up there in age I was really taken with his looks and his acting in the short time they gave him to promote the series. I mentioned it to a friend who had Starz and she told me she was watching the show and it was terrific. She also read all the books which I never heard of. I started book one and kept going until the end of book 8. I was hooked and then of course I ordered Starz and I just couldn’t believe how Sam transformed himself into Jamie. He is amazing. The whole cast is terrific

    Marie Trimboli on

  • When I first saw Sam/Jamie in the very beginning I was hooked, so I bought the first two books (I am not a reader) then read all the other 6 plus Lord John Gray books. I fell in love with the story an the show. Thanks you Diana Gabaldon, you have brought such joy to me at 72, an now my Hubby of 53 yrs. Is on the second book…Love Outlander,Sam an Caitriona an the show. Thanks LDL

    Linda Lynch on

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