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We wanted you to experience a little of the energy in what goes on behind the scenes here at AbbyShot. Visualize yourself at your favorite movie, hands gripping the edge of your seat, waiting in anticipation for the next scene. Now, times that by seven. One for each license agreement that we have. I'll let that sink in for a moment.

Yup, that pretty much describes us!

Hi, my name is Grace, AbbyShot’s Risk Manager and I am about to take you on a little journey behind the scenes, on what working at AbbyShot is really like.

First of all, I am a huge Geekette! I love to cosplay and love to meet others who share in this passion. Working at AbbyShot allows me to reach my highest potential in not only my responsibilities here at work, but also in my own personal development.

I work closely with Leanne, our Product Developer, throughout many stages of our product development and together, along with the rest of our team, we make it our priority to deliver top quality replicas and inspired by pieces to you, our loyal fans. This process from start to finish can take up to an entire year to come to fruition! Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING must be passed through our Licensors for approval. From the first concept of the project idea, to each and every graphic and write up, to choosing our manufacturers and every step in between. We are blessed to have fantastic relationships with our Licensors which opens doors to many possibilities and allows us to explore our creativity.

LEFT: Bonnie at the BBC Headquarters in London! Right: Jason Easy from the BBC.

We have a reputable inspection agency who have become our boots on the ground for quality control, social compliance and inspections of our productions. We give them the guidelines to follow and they go above and beyond to deliver! I wonder is Expert Sniffer one of their job titles? I still get a chuckle each time I see this in our inspection reports. 

We are blessed to have met some pretty amazing people along the way.

Ray Holman, Former Costume Designer at BBC - Doctor Who Festival 2015

LEFT: Steven Moffat - Doctor Who, Doctor Who Festival 2015 RIGHT: John Barrowman - Doctor Who, FanExpo Toronto 2016

Jen Ger, Foxy Originals Inc. FanExpo Toronto 2015

LEFT: Eugene Simon - GoT, Sci Fi on the Rock, St John’s, NL 2016 RIGHT: Norman Reedus - TWD, FanExpo Toronto 2014


Jamie Hill - Doctor Who Actor, Doctor Who Festival at the Excel, London, UK 2015

I want to also give a huge shout out to our secret Facebook groups. Your input, contributions and feedback are invaluable to us. You are all ROCKSTARS!!!

Everyday's an adventure here at AbbyShot. Whether we are out visiting costume sets, filming locations, cosplaying at ComicCons, or have our nose to the grind here at the office, we make the best of each moment.

Bonnie with Edwardo Castro, the Once Upon A Time costume designer.

For us, the most exciting part is when we launch the new products and see how excited the fans get. I wonder what they will say once they see that we will be doing limited edition runs? D’oh did I say that out loud??


By: Grace Shears


  • Posted On September 22, 2016 by Kay gillett

    What a lovely job you did Grace, you people should go far, especially with you in tow so proud of you.

  • Posted On September 22, 2016 by Andrea

    An awesome blog!!! What an incredibly talented, dedicated group of fantastic individuals! Did you happen to get the message that you are all amazing!


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