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As AbbyShot closes in on our 14th year anniversary, we thought it only fitting to reach out and connect with you, our devoted patrons, to ask you to tell us a little bit about your story. Where are you from? What or who influenced you to become a fan of Doctor Who, Firefly, Outlander, Devil May Cry, Silent Bob, Once Upon A Time and yes, AbbyShot? What is the popularity like in your neck of the woods? What is your favorite episode or character? How often do you cosplay? And so on.  We want it to be all about YOU!

We would love to hear your story.  Email us at info@abbyshot.com. You are welcome to include photos, social media links and websites if you have them! For now, why don’t you enjoy some wibbly wobbly timey wimey….stuff?

Andi Fischer

I am a German girl, living in a small town near Frankfurt. I studied Computer Science and work as a freelance web developer right now. Being a Doctor Who fan in Germany is a rare thing;  most people here have no idea what you are talking about when you talk about the Doctor, the TARDIS or such things. People like my long scarf or my nice jackets/coats, but they have no idea what they mean.

Some time in 2005 I had a chat with someone in a forum for Alan Rickman fans. She mentioned that she was watching a great series which I really should check out some time. Shortly later at an internship I met someone who also talked about this series and said I really should check it out. So I made a search on the internet for Doctor Who. The episodes were fun so I watched it whenever I could find a working link to download it--some of Series 2 and a lot of Series 3. I loved the final of Series 3 with the Master. But then it somehow stopped, until another friend was talking about it again, sometime when Series 7 was aired. I started watching again, and then it really got me hooked. I became a fan. I caught up with all the episodes I had missed from the ‘New Who’.

And then the 50th Anniversary happened. This was my first contact with other Whovians, with cosplay. I watched it in a cinema in Frankfurt and it was so much fun! Around this time I also discovered AbbyShot. In time for my trip to London, for New Year's Eve the green coat from the 11th Doctor arrived. I wore it at the New Year party at Trafalgar Square. It was the first time ever that I voluntarily wore a coat, but it felt so good, looked so nice! In August I wore the coat again, this time for the “Deep Breath” premiere in Odeon, Leicester Square, London.

Back home I ordered the purple coat from the 11th Doctor. As a Christmas gift I got the DVD Box with the very first Doctor Who episode and also the “Three Doctors”. This was my first look into the Classic episodes. I loved it.

In January I was in London again, for the National Television Awards. I wore the purple coat. I also was in Cardiff, and asked the guy at the BBC Studio reception if he could forward a Lego Tardis to Peter, which I had built (he could) and I went to the Doctor Who Experience, and Peter told me at the DW Festival that he got it and loved it!

I think around this time, you could call me a 'Whovian' too ;-) Every week I watched and I still watch one Classic episode. I do not binge watch them. I want to enjoy them as much and slowly as possible.

When I learned that there would be a Doctor Who Festival in November, I started thinking about what to wear. It was clear that I wanted to cosplay properly this time. I had an idea, but really needed the 11th Doctor's jacket for making it perfect. So I ordered this too. My outfit was: 10th Doctor shoes, 2nd Doctor pants, 3rd Doctor shirt, 12th Doctor hoodie, 11th Doctor jacket, 4th Doctor scarf and hat, 5th Doctor celery pin. Peter loved it. A lot of other people did too. At the Festival I also bought the celery and the painter pin from the AbbyShot booth. They were all so lovely and friendly there! And it was here I had the first contact with the fabric of the 12th Doctor coat, for which I had been waiting over a year. I ordered this as soon as it was possible.

I love the stuff from AbbyShot. It's great quality, looks like the real thing, and fits very nicely.

Written by: Andi Fischer


  • Posted On June 22, 2016 by Phil Smith

    A fascinating insight into your Whovian story and a great read too. Happy times and places!

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