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5 INCREDIBLE Fan Films you HAVE to see (Part 2)

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5 INCREDIBLE Fan Films you HAVE to see (Part 2)

Who's ready for more amazing fan films? This week features fan made videos inspired by Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Harry Potter! We've got it all; humor, drama, action, and even some very creative story telling. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1. A Job For Three - Doctor Who

The first video is an older film from back in March 2014, but it's always been a favorite here at AbbyShot HQ. Produced and Directed by Thomas Dunn, who also plays the Eleventh Doctor, the entire video has a Classic Doctor Who feel to it, which we really enjoyed. The list of characters the creators have included is fantastic, with even an appearance from Captain Jack Harkness! You can tell the crew had fun filming, with even some bloopers included at the end. Check out Thomas Dunn's YouTube channel for more awesome videos!

2. Hoshino - Star Wars

Yet another really impressive Star Wars fan-film! Created by Stephen Vitale and a long list of talented folks, the video is a story about Jedi Master Ko Hoshino who goes blind after being attacked by bat-like creatures in a mysterious cave. The Jedi Master manages to cope with her blindness by becoming one with the force. It's really a great story that truly pays homage to the movies. Like the previous Star Wars fan-film in our first post, the visual effects are stunning. The video is filmed completely in 4k resolution and features some very cool scene transitions. Please release more videos like this Stephen Vitale!

3. Sith Tradition - Star Wars

This Star Wars fan-film is a little older, but definitely belongs on this list. The video is created by NavajoJoeFilms who feature an endless supply of impressive films, including more Star Wars related videos. Owner Harrison J. Bahe must be a busy man! The video follows a Sith Apprentice and his Master as they battle for the mantle of Dark Lord. It's basically one long fight scene, which we will never complain about!

4. Severus Snape and the Marauders - Harry potter

This Harry Potter fan-film by Broad Strokes Productions is VERY cool! The story takes place in 1978 where father of Harry Potter, James Potter and his classmates/friends plan and attempt an attack on Severus Snape. I love when fan-films tell a story from a different time than the films themselves. It creates the freedom to be super creative with the story, which the crew at Broad Strokes Productions clearly conquered.  

5. The Greater Good - Harry Potter

Another fantastic Harry Potter fan-film! Similar to “Severus Snape and the Marauders” where the story takes place in the past, but this time it follows Grindelwald and Dumbledore in their youth. The video was also created by Broad Strokes Productions, so if you enjoyed this and the last fan-film mentioned, you’ll love the work these guys do! The video was posted in 2013 so it’s a little older than the last, but it's equally as exciting and impressive. It’s also one big fight scene, and who doesn’t love that?

Well, that concludes our second round of hand-picked fan films. Keep an eye on the AbbyShot Blog for more Fan Films in the near future!

Written by: Adam Martin


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