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It's no secret that the fandom world has some VERY creative people, but when it comes to fan-made videos, it's getting ridiculous! It seems that every week a new video is released, with each new film topping the last. I'm not talking montages here, where fans would piece together different clips of the actual show or movie to create new stories or tell the same stories (although we are big fans of those too!). I'm talking complete creative control films, where filming, costumes, sound, design, and in some cases even the stories are completely made up, yet inspired by the original show or movie. The list is endless and you could easily spend your day on YouTube watching these films, but we're here to narrow down your list!

1. The Great Curator - Doctor Who

The first on our list is this amazing remake of one of our favorite Doctor Who scenes from the 'The Day of the Doctor' episode. The re-make was written and produced by Jon Culshaw, who also plays The Curator and the Third Doctor and does an amazing job! Jake Dudman as the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor also blew us away. We have our pick for the next Doctor! The filming, costumes, and set design are nothing short of amazing as well. I'm not sure if they used a green screen or designed the room themselves, but it's spot on to the original. This video actually inspired us to write this blog, so hats off to the creators! We can't wait to see what other videos they release. We'd also like to thank the creators for using AbbyShot's Eleventh Doctor's Purple Coat replica for the Eleventh's Doctor costume.

2. THE VERSE - Firefly

The next video is a little different but seriously awesome! It's Inspired by Firefly, only the story and characters are completely made up. 'The Verse' was created by 'Loot Crate Studios' and directed by Julian Higgins. The effects, acting, and writing are very impressive. It's funny, witty, and like Firefly, I just wish there was more! Check out the Look Crate Studios YouTube channel for more awesome videos like this.

3. DARTH MAUL: Apprentice - Star Wars

It doesn't get much better than this! When we first saw this video we honestly believed it to be a new Star Wars movie preview and it had us SUPER excited. Although a little disappointed when we figured out that it was a fan film, we were just amazed at the job the creators did. It was created by '
T7pro' and written, produced , and directed by Shawn Bu. The visual effects are incredible. From the video globe at the beginning, the lightsabers during the entire video, and The Emperor at the very end, I literally gave the visual artists a round of applause. The fight scene is just ridiculous. The slow motion effects and crazy flips create the high energy action we all crave. Keep an eye out for these guys. If this video is any indication of what we can expect, I highly doubt this will be the last time T7pro amazes us.

4. Nuka Break - Fallout

We have always loved the concept of taking a video game and bringing it to life. It’s the reason we love making clothing from game licenses! This fan film is based on the video game Fallout, and does a genius job capturing the style of the video game. From the Nuka-Cola scene to the end credits, the crew at Wayside Digital hit the nail on the head! Even the color grading is perfect! Be sure to check out the Wayside Digital channel for more awesome videos!

5. Batman vs. Captain America In Real Life - DC Comics

Last but not least we have a Batman vs. Captain America fight scene, and it’s a doozy! The film was created by IGN Start, who have an endless supply of similar videos that you NEED to check out. The slow motion effects during the fight scene are incredible and very well executed. The question is, who do you think would win?

Well, that concludes our first round of hand-picked fan films! As long as the fans keep making these amazing films, we'll continue to share them. If you have any recommendations for us or the readers, please comment below or shoot us an email and we'll include the film in our next post.

Written by: Adam Martin


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