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From sad farewells to cruel twists of fate, we rank the modern Doctor Who moments that made us cry, cry and cry...

As you may have noticed by now, modern Doctor Who has the uncanny ability to turn everyone who watches it into emotional wrecks. Maybe it's because the fans who watch it are so invested? Or maybe it's because travelling through time and space in the blue box actually makes for some pretty heartbreaking situations? 

Whatever the reason, we've trailed through and compiled the top ten saddest moments from the last decade of the show, just so you can relive the pain and trauma all over again. Aren't we nice? But which is the show's most emotional moment?


10. The Master dies in The Doctor's arms (The Last of the Time Lords)

As the Master lies dying from a gunshot wound, David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is faced with not only losing a Time Lord who was once his friend, but the only one of his kind left. With Tennant at his teary best, the Doctor desperately begs him to regenerate, only for his nemesis to claim one last victory (until the next time, of course). By the time This Is Gallifrey starts to chime in and the Doctor lets out an anguished scream, the heart strings are very much pulled.

9. Clara and the Doctor's 'goodbye' (Death in Heaven)

The latest series of Who saw a new dynamic for Clara and the Doctor; a whopping transformation from the kindly Matt Smith and his saccharine sidekick, to a far angrier, more charismatic pairing with Twelve and Clara instead. In the final episode, their bickering relationship was perfectly cemented by a pack of lies and a not-quite hug, as Clara fibs about Danny still being alive, and the Doctor in turn pretends, tragically, that he has found Gallifrey. As they embrace goodbye, both masking their inner sadness, Clara asks why the Doctor doesn't like hugs. “Never trust a hug. It's just a way to hide your face.” A line to smash the heart.

8. Amy & Rory's sacrifice (The Angels Take Manhattan)

Amy and Rory's actual, final goodbye - where they're both zapped back in time by a Weeping Angel - is sad, although loses some of its power after this scene, where the couple decided to either die together, or not at all. Given how dramatic and swelling the whole thing is - helped, in part, by Murray Gold's grandiose score - it plays like the episode's emotional climax. So much so, in fact, that when the real deal actually comes along at the end, there's hardly any more tears left to shed.

7. The Eleventh Doctor regenerates

The Time of the Doctor was not really very good. It was messy, confusing and full of ambitious ideas that had no room to breathe. What it got perfect, however, was Matt Smith's final scene as the Eleventh Doctor: a grand farewell to everything that made him a fan favourite. Over an emotional reworking of the theme from The Rings of Akhaten, the Doctor delivers a poignant monologue on how, "we all change... we're all different people all through our lives," before lamenting that he'll always remember when the Doctor was him. Add in a surprise cameo from Karen Gillan's Amy Pond ("goodbye raggedy man") and the shot of Smith's bowtie dropping to the floor, and you'd have to be a Dalek to at least not shed a tear.

6. John Smith leaves Joan (Family of Blood)

When the Doctor must protect himself from a Time Lord-thirsty alien family, he turns into the very human, very bumbling teacher John Smith. As Martha grimly observes, it only takes moments for the human Doctor to inevitably fall in love with his colleague Joan, making turning back a slightly more difficult choice than pre-empted. As the pair envisage their 'could-be' life of marriage, children and death together, seeing the lonely Time Lord live happily with a family was beautifully sad.

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