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Last weekend marked the first ever visit to WonderCon for AbbyShot, and it was amazing! So much cosplay, costumes and general geekyness, its hard to know where to start! The Anaheim Convention Center was packed with comics, cosplayers and attractions. There were a number of excellent panels to visit, with big names like The Flash and Gotham putting on slightly spoilerful events, to slightly smaller but no less impressive ones such as The Top Geek Movies of 1985, Whovian Costuming for Beginners!

This year's WonderCon also featured the world premiere of the new animated movie, Batman vs. Robin. From all the buzz at the show, it was pretty epic! 

Out in front of the convention center, cosplaying heroes and villains alike came head to head in massive battle! Though staged, the spectacle drew thousands of fans to watch if good or evil would prevail!

We'd be remiss if we didn't share some of the amazing pics that we took during the event! So take a look below! 






So many amazing cosplayers! The event was packed with some amazing costumes, and some really wonderful people! We had alot of Doctor Who, Firefly and Devil May Cry fans come over to visit with us in our brand new booth. More pictures will be posted on the AbbyShot Facebook page in the coming days. We hope you enjoy!

And in true comic book form, until next time gentle reader, Excelsior!


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