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Take a trip down the rabbit hole with 'Once Upon a Time'

Delve into a world filled with amazing costumes, ripe for cosplay and conventions. Take a trip off the beaten path.  Journey into a world inhabited by iconic fairytale characters blended with present day reality. A universe of swashbuckling, romance and high adventure! Welcome to Storybrooke and the world of Once Upon A Time!


It's a show that appears to have defied all expectations. Who would have thought that a show about fairy tales would ever have become such a hit with adults? What made it endure when other shows like it have fallen by the wayside? And why should you be watching it? Today we get into the 5 Best Things about Once Upon a Time.

#5 The Style

When It comes to sets and costuming, Once Upon a Time has everything nailed down. Everything from their elaborate flashback costumes to the everyday modern clothes fits the characters wonderfully. From Hook’s coat to the Evil Queens dresses, the show is a cosplayers dream. The sets themselves seem to be made to represent both the characters and the story. Take for example Regina’s office in Storybrooke.

Much like Regina, it’s very intimidating. Everything is black and white, with the exception being the red apples (straight from the fairytale). The room has a lonely feel to it, but with some hints of Regina’s desire for romance hidden in the soft curves of some of the pieces.

Mr. Gold’s shop plays perfectly with his alter-ego of Rumplestiltskin, with all the items he’s acquired throughout his many years as the Dark One scattered about, much like his feelings often are. So if you’re into style and symbolism, this show is for you!

#4 The Romance

Love is always in the air on Once Upon a Time! Almost every major character (and some minor) are in some way, shape or form attached to someone. And some of the ‘couplings’ are just incredible. The most stable of these would have to be Snow White and Prince Charming. I say stable, but it would only be in comparison to the other relationships. In a number of aspects, their romance builds on the fairytale base. And then it veers off into awesomeness. Played out in front of us, we get to see a love like no other grow right in front of our eyes, both in Storybrooke and in the Enchanted Kingdom. As to the more unorthodox pairings, this show brings us Belle and Rumpelstiltskin, Emma Swan involved with the debonair Captain Hook, and then my personal favorite. Regina, the Evil Queen, in love with the greatest of outlaws, Robin Hood.


#3 The Drama

So many separate stories are blending! One of the best parts of the show is its ability to combine the old (fairytales) with the new (life in Storybrooke). And that's a difficult task when you consider that the characters are based on age-old material. What the writers bring to us is an amazingly revitalized content, based somewhat on the early works, with many surprises thrown in. They take the story of Snow White and Prince Charming and make us feel like we’ve seen theirs love grow from into an equal and loving partnership. They’ve also made us want to see the Evil Queen finally get her happy ending, and the ‘Savior’ finally becoming what she’s destined to be. And that brings us to:


#2 The Heroes


At AbbyShot, we love the hero. So picture for a moment your favorite hero from when you were just a wee one while someone read to you in bed. This show brings them to life! And adds some interesting twists. In the fairytales, Prince Charming was just a hero archetype, with little character besides being handsome. In Once Upon a Time, he is a wonderfully fleshed out character, both heroic and reasonable, and you can't help but root for him! Snow White? Gone is the timid waif from our Disney watching days, and in her place is an entirely competent warrior princess that is more than a match for any evil-doer. Though she is still probably the sweetest person ever. And there’s our main hero, Emma Swan, the Savior. We watch her grow from an emotionally scarred, non-believing orphan, to the savior of the entire town.  Seeing all of these characters on the road to heroism makes for a compelling reason to watch. But the hero can only be seen as heroic if there’s a mirror, which leads us to:


#1 The Villains


In this area, Once Upon a Time blows a good number of shows out of the water. The bad guys shine and are the best part of the show. Every season we are treated to a new enemy, and none of them are cookie cutter. Guest villains such as The Wicked Witch of the West, The Snow Queen, and in the recent season Ursula and Cruella de Vil, have been high points, each with a compelling new story to tell. But if you want the best, look no further that The Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin.

Regina's journey from evil to good has been captivating. She starts off as the baddest of the bad, with her curse being the reason everyone is stuck in Storybrooke. Throughout the series, we watch her character evolve, and we find out why she did all of the evil things. We get to a point where we start wanting and needing her finally to get her happy ending (Though she does at times bring out the inner nasty, which is always fun to watch). On the reverse side, Rumpelstiltskin, or Mr. Gold as he goes by in Storybrooke, goes the opposite direction. Watching him go from evil to sort of a hero, and back to evil is a treat to see. And now in his season, we get the chance to see the Dark One show us what he's all about, without anything left to lose. There you have it, this week's Top 5! Let us know what you think in the comments, or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!


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