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This time around we decided to delve into one of our favorite shows, BBC's Sherlock! What's not to love about this show? It has amazing stories, fantastic characters, and some sweet apparel that seem made for cosplay (LOVE the coat). And there are so many amazing moments from all three seasons, which made it incredibly difficult to limit it to just five. So here are our Top 5 Moments in Sherlock. (Spoilers ahead, though you should be caught up by now!)

#5 - Sherlock shoots Magnussen

In season three, Sherlock had a new 'big bad' in the form of Charles Augustus Magnussen. After the demise of Moriarty, Magnussen is the new cerebral villain that can match wits with our hero. And Mr. Magnussen did more than match wits with our hero..he bested him! At the end of the episode, when Sherlock thought he had finally got access to Magnussen's computer vault (named Appledore), he found out the truth: Magnussen had no system filled with dangerous information. What Sherlock was looking for was all in Magnussen's head. Like Sherlock, he was able to organize all of the illicit bits of information he gathered over the years in his very own mind palace.

Upon realization, Sherlock seems to be at a complete loss. All of his plans to protect the ones he loves comes down to him getting the info from Appledore. With no way to save Mary and John or anyone from Magnussen's wrath, we get one of the most shocking scenes in the entire series. Sherlock deduces that there is only one way to keep everyone he loves safe. He shoots Magnuson point blank in the head.


High functioning sociopath indeed.

#4 - The Woman's Battle Dress

At the start of the second season, Sherlock and John Watson are saved from Moriarty by a mysterious phone call, just as he's about to kill our heroes. Moving further into the episode, we find that Irene Adler, known as 'The Woman' has some very risqué photographs of a particular female member of the British Royal Family in her possession. Through Mycroft, the Royal Family contacts Sherlock to take the case and get the information back from her. John and Sherlock come up with a plan to get into Miss Adler's place of work. But Irene Adler is a broker of information, and she is ready for them to show up. The detectives make their way into her home under the pretense of Sherlock getting mugged and needing medical attention. And then in one of the best moments in the series, she greets them. Completely naked.

Sherlock seems to be in shock, John can't keep eye contact, and everyone is distracted. And that might be just be what The Woman wanted!


#3 - The Truth About Mary

After the apparent death of Sherlock at the end of season two, a few years have passed. John Watson seems to finally have his life together. He's back into his medical practice, has a mustache and he's fallen in love. Mary Morstan came into his life and helped to pick John back up after losing his best friend. When Sherlock rose from the grave, Mary was instrumental in getting the two friends back together (also incidentally helping to get rid of the mustache).
When John and Mary tied the knot, Sherlock was the best man. They all seem like an odd little family.

But when Sherlock finally went up against Magnussen things start going squirrelly. Sherlock gets past all the locks and security guards in the building and makes his way to Magnussen's office. But someone is already there, pointing a gun at Magnussen. Sherlock makes the incorrect assumption that it's Lady Smallwood, coming for her revenge. When she turns her head, we get the big reveal.



It's Mary. Sherlock is, for once, at a loss for words. And then she shoots him.

#2 - The Many Theories Sherlock's Return

With Sherlock's apparent death at the end of season 2, the internet blows up with theories about how he could have survived. So many ideas about what might have happened are popping up everywhere online. People are kept rewatching the end of the previous episode in an effort to find any little clue that they might have overlooked. The show's cast and crew and writers were keeping silent. When season three started, it seemed like the writers wanted to make the most of the buzz surrounding the fan theories. And that's where it gets sweet.

Anderson's theory, as told to Inspector Lestrade, opens the show. It was Moriarty's body that got thrown off the roof, not Sherlock's. Moriarty's body had been quickly disguised as Sherlock's, using prosthetics. Sherlock survives via bungee cord. He proceeds to kiss Molly. Derren Brown then hypnotizes John.

Anderson's theory seems to combine the best of the fan theories and a bit of the most wanted fanfiction (Molly and Sherlock). And honestly, this scene is one of the best in the whole show.

#1 - Moriarty in the Tower of London

It might not come as a shock to say I am a huge fan of the villains. I root for them to win at times. The Master in Doctor Who is one of my all time favorites (tie between Ainsley and Delgado). I prefer Lex Luthor to Superman and Loki to Thor. I feel sorry for Doctor Doom. So when it comes to Sherlock, how could the top moment not be this one:



Seeing Moriarty sitting on the throne with the crown jewels of England draped all over him is just plain epic! Everything about this scene makes you love the sheer audacity of him. His choice of music fits the scene perfectly! Using his phone to start the break-in of the bank, and the break out of the prison proves there's an app for everything! And the scene culminates with Moriarty in the most regal of poses while he waits patiently to get caught. Moriarty makes being bad, look so good.

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Are there moments that you think are much better than the ones I've given you? Any items or costumes from the show that you'd love to see AbbyShot make? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments!


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