The First-Ever AbbyShot Blog Post! icon-account icon-glass

The First-Ever AbbyShot Blog Post!

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Welcome to the new AbbyShot blog, the best place to be for ALL the latest news from the coolest clothiers in the world! Our distinctive garments are inspired by movies, anime, and games and made for all fans, from the casual movie-watcher or game-player to the hardcore fanatics! The main thing that drives us as a company is making our customers happy: When our customers know what we’re doing and can give us their thoughts, criticisms, and comments on what we’re making, it just helps us achieve a better end product.



That’s basically what this blog is all about: Staying close to you, our customers, fans, and lovers of unique clothing, so that we can serve you better. We’ll keep you informed of all the latest happenings here at our production house so you can have a great idea of what to expect from us. New ideas, new designs, new prototypes – Blogger makes it ridiculously easy to post pictures and content in a very timely fashion! When great technology comes along, you’ve got to make use of it. The best part is that you guys are the experts! If you’ve got ideas for us about new designs, critiques of prototypes we’ve made or anything else that will help us make a better product, then please, comment away!




We’ll branch out (I’m sure) into some other stuff too. Movies or shows we’ve seen lately, things we’re doing, places we’re going – anything that interests us will be here! Keep checking back for further updates!


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