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AbbyShot Deckard Version 1.0 Trench CoatWe got a great response from our pre-Halloween Ebay sale a while back, so we figured we’d do it again for Christmas! If you’ve ever had trouble saving up your pennies for an AbbyShot coat (it’s tough, we understand) then now is definitely the time to check out Ebay! Our seller name for all our Ebay activities is abbyshotclothiers so you can search through our stuff there no problem. We’ve got a wide range of products in lots of sizes so hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones to find:
a) Something you can’t live without!
b) The same “must-have” that fits!

Our Ebay garments were already made in the past for any number of reasons: Photo shoots, samples, prototypes, convention wear, etc. The Kill Bill jackets that are up for auction right now, for example, are samples that we showed off at Dragon*Con 2006 for the first time ever. I mean, that’s a piece of AbbyShot history right there! It’s mostly stuff that was made for specific purposes, so there’s only a certain number of sizes we can put up for auction. If you’re wondering: Why are there only sizes 36 and 40 of the Mad Max up on Ebay? Those were the sample ones – that’s why we can auction them.

Our winner for this Ebay auction’s “First Item to Get a Bid Award” (highly coveted award to be sure) is one of our Blade Runner inspired Deckard Version 1 Trenches! That’s why it’s pictured above in case you were wondering! And for Chris who (in the comments from the first post) wondered about the weather in lovely Newfoundland, Canada where we’re located: There it is my friend, grey and gloomy. But there’s no snow yet! We’ve got our fingers crossed on that one.

Anyhow, our Ebay sale is on until Wednesday the 29th of November, so please check it out! And let us know if you think Ebay is a good way to get our products out there to wide audience. Maybe there’s an even better way that we’re totally missing out on, please let us know!

Now on the subject of Awards where you can win AbbyShot’s undying respect, I almost forgot to mention that Endless Void won the “First Comment on the AbbyShot Blog Award”. Glad to have you as our first comment! Oh, and our undying respect is on its way to you RIGHT NOW.

Thanks for your comments so far, keep ‘em coming!


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