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AbbyShot is so excited – we’ve got news for you that you won’t believe! We’ve got the prototypes of two brand new leather products ready to show off to the world, and this is the first place where you can see the pics!

The first design comes from the mind-bending eighth installment in this popular Square video game series: YES, it’s the Squall Leonhart jacket from Final Fantasy VIII!

Final Fantasy 8 Squall Jacket Prototype Close-Up 1

We are so pumped about this jacket and we hope you are too! The leather is top quality, the fur collar feels great, and we figured why not make it removable too? Yes, the fur collar can zip off as a great added feature when wearing this fashionable jacket.

Just put this jacket on and you instantly wish you had a Gunblade handy. This is definitely going to be the Squall jacket to end all Squall jackets! But what do you think? This is our prototype version so please pick it apart: Tell us what is or isn’t right, give us any comments you think we’ll need to make a great final product!

Final Fantasy 8 Squall Jacket Prototype Close-Up 2

What’s the next prototype we have ready to show off? You’ll have to wait until our next blog post on Monday to see it!

As a final note for today, thanks to everyone who bid on our latest Ebay sale! It was a great success and we’re glad to be shipping coats off to very happy Ebayers. See you again on Monday!

UPDATE: As requested, here’s a quick snap of the Squall jacket without its fur collar!

Final Fantasy 8 Squall Jacket Prototype Without Fur Collar


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