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First of all, we just have to say a huge THANKS for all the excellent comments that you guys are giving us! In the next little while we’ll be doing some follow-up posts to address the suggestions and questions that we’ve seen in comments and e-mails so far. We really want to keep you up-to-date on our development process. Today’s follow-up post will be all about Squall from Final Fantasy 8.



We received lots of great comments on this design and we have to agree with those who said that the fur really “makes or breaks” this jacket. It’s true! We will certainly be making adjustments to the shape of the collar to make it look more screen-accurate. I think the person who suggested a touch of gel in the fur to make it spikier might be onto something too!


As for the jacket itself, there are also a few changes we will be making based on your suggestions. We will be adding a bit of length to the body of the coat to give it a more masculine look. In the game, Squall’s torso seems really short (maybe it’s how he wears his pants?) so the jacket does look longer on him. We’ll have to make it a bit longer for real-world wear.



Some people also mentioned the zipper – we will be getting a slimmer zipper pull tab for a better look. The one we had there was only a test.


Finally, the jacket’s sleeve is something that has been under much debate. Some have mentioned that a flared-out look might be cool. Others say that it’s not quite loose enough. We re-examined ALL the pictures we had of Squall and realized that we missed a small detail on the sleeve that we’re now going to add: there should be a small leather cuff on each sleeve to give it a little bit more of that “bomber jacket” look.

I think that’s all for now, but if there’s something you think we’ve missed out on, by all means, leave us a comment! Don’t forget to check out our other new prototypes as well! More updates soon…


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