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It’s time for the next chapter in our series of follow-up posts – let’s talk about the beautiful Motoko shrug. It’s been getting a lot of love in the comments and in our e-mail account, including some INTERESTING feedback from men who aren’t afraid to show their sensitive side. We can’t wait to get this out so we can see those oics!



Once again, all your comments and critiques have been very helpful to us. Thanks to Mark who e-mailed us a BUNCH of screencaps from the anime that really showed off this shrug from some hard-to-find angles. We did check out some links to the lovely Motoko figurine for a bit of context on how the shrug looks in that form, but it does have some noticeable differences from the anime look (especially in the back). When it comes down to the anime vs. the figurine, for us, the anime usually wins.


As for some changes we’re looking into, we’re definitely going to round the collar a little where it meets in the front as some keen-eyed fans have suggested. We’re also going to move the zippers up the sleeves a little bit to look more like the anime version. On the topic of the zippers, Sara had an excellent question: are they for real pockets or are they ornamental? Those zippers are there for the look, since we found that real pockets would have thrown off the fit of the garment.

Thanks for all the comments! Keep them coming! If there’s anything that we might have missed, please let us know. We’re getting excited for Christmas now, and we hope you are too…

UPDATE: A huge thank you to Lucas who posted a wonderful article about our Motoko shrug on his Ghost in the Shell fansite called the Masamune Shirow Hyperpage. Check it out!


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