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AbbyShot Sephiroth Coat - The Jenova TrenchWe’ve been absolutely inundated with comments and e-mails about our prototype Sephiroth design, and we’re loving all of your feedback! Thanks so much! We see that Sephiroth has a lot of hardcore fans, and your suggestions will help us to do justice to his beautiful trench. We’ve got so many great comments to address, we’re going to have to make a numbered list here just to make it readable. Here we go…

1. Inspiration

First and foremost: the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children style wins by a landslide! It’s just a more realistic looking coat than the game version, along with the fact that all those buckles are going to look AWESOME!



2. Skirt



For the person who asked about the skirt of the coat, we went with a look closer to the Enigma than the Lobby Trench.



3. Sleeves


Also, we’re definitely not going to taper in the arms of the coat quite as much as the actual Sephiroth coat in the movie. We’re going to have to make it a little more functional for everyday wear.



4. Collar



We’ll have to closely analyse the collar of the Advent Children coat as well, as there seems to be a bit of debate about how high it should be. The movie collar looks REALLY high to us, but we’ll analyse it to see just where along a person’s face it should be.

To those fans that are worried that our collar isn’t stiff enough, or is going to collapse or whatnot: please don’t worry! We took pictures of a VERY early prototype that is far from 100% complete. Our seamstresses and designers are absolute experts when it comes to high collars, so they won’t rest until it’s perfect.

5. Metalwork

We know that a lot of fans do want the pauldrons and wrist cuffs that go along with the complete Sephiroth look. We definitely understand where you’re coming from, but we won’t be able to offer these items even as optional extras for the coat. As some people have pointed out, AbbyShot is a clothing company with plenty of experience making coats, but with no experience in metalwork. The armour plating involved in these pauldrons is very complicated and would require an experienced metalworker to even contemplate.



With that being said, AbbyShot is not against promoting or even partnering with someone who can work this kind of magic with metal. Is there anyone who knows a good place to find Sephiroth armour? We’d be very interested to check it out!


6. Fabric

Now THIS is a tough question: what material should we use to make the Sephiroth coat? It’s been debated back and forth, with some people LOVING the idea of this trench in our pleather, and others HATING that same idea just as much! We’ve got three fabrics in mind for this coat right now: stretch twill, pleather, and RDF. We’re really going to try to use all three for different versions of this coat, much like our current system of choosing a fabric for the Enigma, and each one for different reasons.

Stretch twill, in our opinion, seems to be the most screen-accurate fabric for making Sephiroth’s trench, especially when you look at pictures like the one at the top of this post. The trench seems to be made of a durable woven fabric just like our stretch twill.


Pleather, however, is a beautiful option that we’re sure will be popular with many fans. Advent Children is a computer-generated anime where even fabrics have an amazing shine that can really only be replicated in the real-world with pleather.


Finally, RDF is our new light-weight fabric that gives quite an impressive flowing look to a coat in motion. To quote one commenter, “anti-gravity billowyness” is what some people are looking for in Sephiroth’s trench, and we feel that RDF will be the best fabric to deliver that feeling. We can’t promise that it will defy gravity like CGI animation, but it may come close!


7. Options


When it comes down to the actual release, many of our coats are simultaneously given the set-size treatment and the custom fit treatment, and we feel the Sephiroth trench will follow the same lines. Our set-sizes are made with a certain fabric and only that one fabric (for example, all set-size Enigmas are made with pleather), while the custom-fitted coats give you more options.

Right now, we feel that our Stretch Twill is the most screen-accurate fabric for Sephiroth’s coat, and therefore will probably end up being the material used for our set-sizes. A custom-fitted Sephiroth would then allow you to choose between Stretch Twill, Pleather, and RDF. Any objections? Can anyone change our minds as to whether or not Stretch Twill is the most screen-accurate fabric? Check out our Enigma Custom page for some pics and descriptions of Stretch Twill and Pleather for comparison purposes.

Other possible options in a custom-fitted Sephiroth coat are also worth considering. One commenter mentioned that Sephiroth’s wide-open chest might not be very functional, so an unobtrusive way to fasten up the front above the buckles could be an option. Some fans may also want just one buckle at the waist of the coat to look more like Sephiroth in the Final Fantasy 7 Playstation game. Lots of interesting options could work for this amazing trench.

8. Conclusion – Get Out the Vote!



This blog post certainly was a long one, but we really did want to address all your excellent comments from our previous post on the tantalizing news of an AbbyShot Sephiroth coat! Every single comment we get from you guys will make a better product in the end.

So now our main question remains: what would be the most screen-accurate fabric for Sephiroth’s trench in Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children? Stretch Twill, Pleather, or RDF? Hit those comments to give us your vote!

Now one final note: Merry Christmas to all of our readers and fans! We hope you have the happiest of holidays and the best new year yet! See you in 2007…


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