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Kingdom Hearts: Organization 13 loves AbbyShotAbbyShot is about to have a ridiculous, we-must-be-crazy kind of sale. In honor of that slightly manufactured “special” day when you’re supposed to give chocolates or flowers to your sweetheart, AbbyShot gives you something WAY better to spend your money on. Forget the candy hearts and think Kingdom Hearts – we’ve got fantastic deals on our Organization XIII inspired garments, ONLY on Valentine’s Day!

Here’s the deal:

Kingdom Hearts Inspired Kingdom Hoodie by AbbyShot50% off our Kingdom Hoodie!

Kingdom Hearts Inspired Enigma Trench Coat by AbbyShot25% off our Enigma Trench AND our Enigma Custom!


The only thing to remember is: this sale is only on for ONE DAY! These prices will only be in effect if you place your order on Valentine’s Day, February 14th!

Seriously! If you need some reassurance, check it out on our AbbyShot Homepage.

We’ll be doing some interesting things to lead up to this one day of huge savings, so stay tuned to the blog for more!


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