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Kingdom Hearts Organization 13 GAP Parody Ad by AbbyShot(Click Above for Full-Sized Image!)


The anticipation is building for our amazing Kingdom Hearts Valentine’s Day sale! The AbbyShot Homepage has even gone all lovey-dovey for the next few days! Remember everybody, it’s a one day only sale on the 14th of February where you can get our Kingdom Hoodie for 50% off and either one of our Enigma trenches for 25% off! Ahem, sorry, the font just got really bold all of a sudden. The e-mails are pouring in already, people are really digging this sale.

Then there’s our Enigma ad above. It reminds me of a pretentious ad campaign from a few years back by some multimillion dollar retailer. I can’t really put my finger on what company it was… hmm. Who knew Organization XIII had that much fun on their off-time?

After these earth-shatteringly awesome pictures were taken, we realized that those wonderful and good-looking people who have already bought their Enigmas and Kingdom Hoodies can’t really benefit from our sale. So we’re going to throw a challenge out there for all you lovely people:

Give us a sweet pose in your Enigma trench! Go all out in your Kingdom Hoodie! Make your own awesome photo (or video!) ad for the AbbyShot Kingdom Hearts inspired line!

We’ll post all the hilarity here on the blog! There might even be a little prize for the best entry, so get your thinking caps on and e-mail us an awesome pose at info@abbyshot.com!

Everybody, don’t forget: our sale is only on for ONE DAY, February 14th!



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