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AbbyShot has a “top secret” product announcement coming tomorrow for a HOTLY requested Anime-inspired coat! Okay, so we’ve hinted about this one a bit. Well, maybe A LOT. For those cunning enough to crack our Da Vinci Code of clues in e-mails, newsletters, pictures, sky-writing, smoke signals, and carrier pigeon deliveries: you probably already know this.

If you’re still not sure, however, we’ve got the be-all-and-end-all of clues before we make the official “Coming Soon” announcement tomorrow:


So now you know the task at hand:

Step 1) Solve puzzle.
Step 2) Find secret URL.
Step 3) Be forever enlightened.

Just don’t touch the “Auto Solve” button!

When you’re done, please come back and give us your comments and feedback on this new design!
We haven’t even finalized the product name yet, so test your creativity here and give us your best suggestion!

Good luck with the puzzle…


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