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Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Coat Front ViewA lot of you suggested it, now we deliver it: Edward Elric’s coat from the anime series Full Metal Alchemist is now an official “Coming Soon” product from AbbyShot! If you were brave enough to do our awesome puzzle from yesterday’s blog post then you already know that we’ve got an Official Coming Soon page on our AbbyShot site showing about 80% completion on this design.

Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Coat Close-up ViewBut now we’re going to put our blog to good use and ask you (the experts!) the most important question: how do you like our design? Is there anything we need to tweak or change? Do you have any awesome screenshots in your possession that will enlighten us to certain aspects of the design? Please let us know in the comments! One obvious missing piece of the design will be seen in the following shot:

Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Coat Back ViewWe know, we know, we’re missing the big alchemy symbol on the back of the coat! We’re working on getting it screen-printed now, but if anyone has a large version of this design to show us it would definitely help to make sure everything is 100% right-on about this coat!

Please, give us all the feedback you can think of – your input will help us make a better final product in the end! Comment away!


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